Friday, August 1, 2008

How To Give YourSelf an Injection

Salam aleykum
Ok inshaAllah you never have to but incase you do and yr pretty sick and like cant drag yourself to a hospital clinic or phramcy or whatever... OR yr doing steroids and you dont want folks to find out you been juicing up :P

not that I ever used steroids.. but i certianly am going to consider.. but i need to read more about it!

ok to give your self an injection aka. intramuscular in the buttox..

get an alchol tissue thing or swap if i recall correctly.... wipe the area you will stick the pin at..

that area... you divde your butt cheek into 4 parts (not with a knife of course, but in your head) as if you have drawing a cross over your butt cheeck that separates them equally.. now what you want is the outer upper corner

aka away from the butt line so any of the two outter corners thats your target.

its better tha you use a mirror in the process for maneuvering.

make sure that the injection does not have any air in it,, so when you fill it in you want to make sure there are no bubbles and that you have ejected some of the liquid out....

stick in the needle in the middle of the upper outter corner so if yr right handed use your right hand and on the upper right side of your right buttox. initially it will be a bit hard to penetrate. but then once its in its easy to stick the whole thing... or least if yr a bit chubby or have more muscles you might want to stick the whole thing in and inject slowly not to hurt yourself.. make sure it gets in the muscles!!!!!!!! not in the skin or fat tissue you dont want to mess yourself up,, its intra-muscular aka inside the muscle!!! but again you want to stay away from bones..

stick the pin out with fair quickness and then use the alcohol swap thing again,, and DO NOT rub! Only wipe the area not to bruise yourself, a tiny drop of blood may come out but thats ok.

vola! you have just injected yourself.
its better that someone does it for you
and then you learn off from them.


Man of Letters said...

Careful mate, I've heard some pretty bad stuff about steroids from my own coach!

MASS said...

yup i know the bad stuff, i know what could happen.. of course you HAVE TO know what yr doing and cycle the right doeses and often you need rehab cycles of other stuff so the negative effects dont set in...

its a long story.. i dunno much right now.. inshaAllah will educate my self and ask the Pros :P

zaytuna said...

Whoa... This got me feeling dizzy...
Mass!! What the hell man!

MASS said...


its handy to know these things!
I wanna learn CPR and and how to use first aid like sewing a cut person etc.

its not like its amputation, there's this famous rock climber who ended up with a rock over his leg,, he was stuck with no water or food for days he had to cutt it off and he did!