Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Boring as Hell.

Cairo is lame, thats all I can say its nice for a while but not for long term basis.

and am Dieting and seems working well so far inshaAllah I keep it up.
I got in a car accident maybe I mentioned it before, but no car is so lame its in the freakin garage still when it was suppose to be done a few days ago.

writing the thesis, inshAAllah should be done on time, even though am going slow.
being a student and a husband (major responsibility!) and living close by to your mom is one hell of a tough thing, everyone wants a peice of you and with everything going on its just lame, I need a break and I think am becoming a hermit freak already with hardly any time to socialize.

oh yeah did I mention, I quit the job and got severance pay, I dont have to work isnt that awsome!? and I get to supposedly focus on my thesis, which isnt really happening at the desired degree of focusing, at least no more depressing daily news reports first thing in the morning on coverage areas where someone always has to croak.


I need to Rant more though. blah,
did I mention am a pro in Arabic now? I should excercise my skills sometime on this blog

am crazy I know, thats how exactly i feel now. and am being immature about it.