Monday, September 8, 2008

a temporary goodbyez

salam aleykum wa rhmat Allahi wa barakatuhu,,,

ya Allah.. ya raheem, its Ramadan alhamdullelah, yet unfortunatly i havent made well of it yet. inshaAllah will do.
university started again.. am so freaked out, i havent felt like this since i was in like primary school, like my parrents were about to find out something horrible i did in school. am always super confident this is like weird for me.

my first 2 days of ramadan were a killer, since i usually eat 6 meals i was like too hungry to sleep, im am hungry i simply cant sleep so after fajr was tough to sleep, and at night am eating every 3 hours which is exactly 4 times, and i have to keep waking up in the middle of the night to eat i wake at 12 to eat and also at 3 for suhoor.

i havent been blogging for a while, been upset, "emotional issues" despite being no other involved, i dont like complaining so i just didnt blog since i wouldve been sending very negative vibes. anyways now i dont have time to have "emotional issues" I ve got SO MUCH WORK TO DO... its crazy. and i am getting worried about my thesis, i might have to travel for some research, see how that goes inshaAllah...

i joined a close gym within walking distance, for ramadan, i think i ll stick to it the entire year, i got no time! i have to work out, its like salat for me now, or i just become sluggish, i decided inshaAllah by decembre i want to be around 95kg now am 105.5 i lost 1.5 kg since ramdan started. so i got no time bu to diet work out and study.. i might give up the strict dieting if i feel its too much for me and affecting my studies. it would be easy going down to 100 or even 99/98 but lower than that becomes tough as there is much less fat to get rid of.

it will be inshaAllah nothing but studying, salat working out and eating+ sleeping. nothing else.

I will close this blog on firday inshaAllah, pleeeaaaaassse include me in your du3aas.

wa Allah al musta3aaan.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008