Monday, August 18, 2008

Setting the New Pace

ahhh Yup Need to sit with myself see how bodybuilding is going, else I leave it unplanned and dont make the most of my years ahead inshaAllah.

My wrist is not 100% ok, but i can manage around it,, I think it might keep hurting a bit for a while like my left shoulder a bit more than a year ago... Ramadan is coming and am excited about taraweeh mostly.. Fasting itself is a killer for me since i eat like every 2 and a half/3 to 3 and a half hours. SO i get to really shrink in Ramadan,, last Ramadan was better than the one before.. I think LAst ramadan what triggered a mess up was having to visit some family friends and have iftar with them.. it was af it was taboo not going, and i didnt want to as there was a bit of mixing and all, I left early anyway.

of course if i dont eat properly on one day you cant make it up the other,, and in ramadan i eat in a very rigid strict manner of food choice,, I dont eat meat period on iftar only rice or pasta with chicken or fish.. meat can come later in the day and suhoor EGGS is a must... and I work out always after taraweeh.

From Info I learned about nutrition, Potassium is important for hydration, so in ramadan make sure you get plenty of it, milk is good for that and so as dates, so subhan Allah when its sunnah to break fast with things that speed up hydration.. faster than water alone. Bananas too have potassium, (eat with oats milk, cinnamon for suhoor along eggs for protein)

So...I will do the following training split.

Chest+ Biceps+ forearms,
Thighs+ Calfs + (Cardio + abs + Gluetts)
Shoulders + triceps + Traps
Back + Calfs + forearms + (Cardio + abs + Gluetts) (depending on how i feel i might skip cardio or do less time of it)
start cycle again.

Warm up plus stretch and also more intensive stretching on rest days,, inshaAllah no less than 10 reps on the weights on my heaviest sets to give my joints a break.

need to add a few inches to my arms and calfs inshaAllah..



zaytuna said...

Wow Subhan Allah!
Thanks for the useful nutrition tips. snd good luck with your work outs + Take it easy!

UmmAbdullah said...

Take care of your wrist.

Masha'Allah you have energy to work out after Taraweeh!

frapple said...

wat happened to ur wrist

MASS said...


Umm Abdullah
yeah i dont pray it everyday in the masjid though,, and of course no immedialty after taraweeh i work out.

I dunno. just little bit huyrt but now good alhamdullelah.

Creation said...

Must be the "Wrist Curls"

Bridgette said...

:P your self-motivation is really stunning, I couldn't imagine setting a routine like that and pushing myself the way you do, but then again I'm a woman!
Do you find you get really exhausted sometimes?
:D what is making you want to be so buff?

I hope your wrist feels better!


MASS said...

Yeah actually i have been very bad lately and not following the routine, I usually stick to a routine for a few months, then i rest for about 10 days then start over unless i get stopped by something like exams or an injury or cold etc.

If i eat well, take my vitamins and get least 8 hours sleep im ok.
of course i get tierd and somtimes i would skip a day of my routine if i need to.

I dunno I enjoy being big, and the feeling of the pump is mind blowing!