Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ran Dom Lee

Yesterday was great ! alhamdullelahme, but also not so great for muscles

i havent had slept much something like 3 hours.. and my diet was absolutly horrible, i ate at more than 5 hour intervals,, i lose weight pretty fast and gain it pretty fast too. which is actually quite a good cobination for muscle building...I wasnt having enough water, and i ate some ice cream! when i was really hungry

I went out with some friends that i havent went out in ages with, some bros.. actually "cool " bros one of em pointed out that I had gottn wider :P which i was actually depumped.. the whole time.

despite being horribly depumped i still was relatively big.. and since i havent been going out for quite a long time.. i felt some what HUGE compared to other people. and every once in a while i would notice some stares... in the gym however i dont really feel big as there are many bigger folks.. the good thing abou being big is that people get out of the way for ya :P

even though i dontwalk around with my lats flexed and chest pushed out :P

I dont go out for that purpose, mostly handling the food with "normal" folks who are not bodybuilding oriented... i just get hungry every three hourse and i need quality food. I lost quite some muscle from yesterday ... and i havent been going full throtle my wrist hurts!

I just started taking some joint supplements

we prayed at nice masajid.. maghrib and esha.. were pretty good.
there was a mini lecture about isra and miraajj,, and one of my friends told asked me after we left the masjid..

Do you know who is the first one to go from Mecca to al Qudss and back on the same day (or night I forget )
I said the prophet Sallah Allahu 3alayhi wa sallam.. he said yeah i mean after him...?
Me: dunno
Him: Bin Laden, Owsamas father..
he apparently did it before 1967 just to be the first one after the prophet Sallah Allahu 3alayhi wa sallam to do it.. an apparently his company (Bin Landen its called) cleans the masjid al harram and takes care of it all year round for 1 riyal.


duude food is gettin expensive.. am so consious of it since i know exactly what i eat... its so horrible Allah al musta3an.

better go sleep again!

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know that!! WOW!

(abt the bin Laden thing)