Friday, August 22, 2008

A lil Bit of Stuff


I weighted my Self and I was Hovering Just a lil bit over 106kg thats about 233pounds MashaAllah! thats a pretty long way I have taken.... everyone in the gym tells me i got bigger. inshaAllah im gonna change the gym soon! alhamdullelah am starting to surpass my peers.

Ive actually gotten quite big that am not used to myself, and i dont feel compelled to eat when am hungry, but thats when am a bad boy I need to eat to keep it up!

Ramadan is coming up inshaAllah i slim down to 100 or so, but fat loss only inshaAllah !


I really dont know what to say, all i think about is bodybuilding and politics. I shaved my head like SHAVED it and i look scary and intimidating and currently am sporting a big goatee not HUge but big, if you know me from my old blog i had a HUGE beard, but you know get issues with "THEM".

inshaAllah my parents will be coming after ramadan for eid. they see me like every few months or so which i get to pack on some pounds of muscle and ok FAT too!, last time my dad was pretty impressed and was all go for it and what not.

I am ordering inshaAllah Anthony Robert's Steroid guide. The Punked bookstore didnt reply yet to my order,, i guess i ll bug them for it again.


This BodyBuilding Thing has helped me a lot overcome my emotional issues.
You really have to block it out and be cold about anything that bothers you otherwise you cant lift your max,, thats even if you feel you can drag yourself to the gym if you really upset.

I try not to talk about them here even though sometimes i do vent it out, you may think am all muscles and eat and politics and world order but deep down inside am just a soft tender guy.


Anatoxin said...

I saw this today on BBC

MASS said...

I know you came here before, but i could remember an Anatoxin,, inshaAllah everything is going well with you.

going to the link

thats a rare case as they point out too,

they dont mention the dossage of what he was using or what he was using and wheather he was taking anti estrogenic meds.

steroids could be taken in moderate amounts and be a healthy experience.

anyway i need to read much more about it, thats why am buying the book inshaAllah.

LuLu...! said...

YuP. (LuLu hates Politics) !!

MASS said...


yeah I know, you only lykys happy stuff. I dont blame you, politics is really man's stuff.

UmmBlog said...

politics is really man's stuff. <-- I completely agree!!!

LuLu...! said...

is lykys a word??

MASS said...

Mother of Blog

kaisay ho yaar ?.
yup politics hae not for beatas and women.

its a word in the Hamdy sisters' dictionary

zaytuna said...

Mass, are you saying Ima turn into a man?!
kiya howa hai tumhaye, Yaar!!


MASS said...

Zay Tuna

No I didnt say that, but i still think politics is very Malehooded

I remember like Ali G was asking a feminist or ralph nader about women becoming president,, he s like what if the U.S has to go to war and she starts crying and stuff lol.. or we have to go to war with Iraq and she likes Saddam.

but i think the stuff yr doing in that NGO inshaAllah is good for deh women.

call me old fashioned.

zaytuna said...

Fell for it =P Reverse Psychology!
the student becomes a master!
It's not an NGO, actually it's governmental.

And if you're old fashioned, than so am I. Honestly I do agree. It's too intense for women. Not all of course, some are mucho mashAllah they can handle it. But I know I wouldn't want to handle it.

MASS said...

ZayT Una

governmental even better.

even the most macho women have their momments of squeal and giggle when with their significant other.

reminds me of this mucho girl in one of my poli sci classes who speaks loudly in class, one minute she s pretty much shouting at me for siting infront of her (blocking the view) the next momment she is flirtatiously wondering why i dont look at and mix with the girls wheather am shy or relgious