Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yeah Buddy

1: Back
3:Rest(optional) or jump to day:4+Calfs
7:Rest (Mandatory)

at least 40 minutes fasted- slow pace- Cardio + 20 post work out

300to 350 grams of protein 100 to 150 grams of carbs fats by feel increase fats if carbs are low.

wa Allah al musta3aan

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Alaaas Masters here I come inshaAllah!

So alhamdullelah finally I submitted in my research proposal! I will have to travel inshaAllah to get my research done!!! I hope it gets approved first inshaAllah shouldnt be an issue inshaAllah!
I didnt Jew my proposal, and am doing a comparative, hopefully inshaAllah it will get published.

work is still going on, but lame, we hoping into a new project, am still responsible for the same coverage areas but they added Yemen to me and central Asia, oh well I might as well consider the gulf mine too since thats not on the agenda.

I busted my shoulder its like the same injury i had in 2007, but alhamdullelah seems healing well, i had to go light, on the bench press and shoulders, i think i need to change the gym it sucks and the stuff is so old its bad for you, i like the hardcore manly Alpha sweating gym, not the dress up hold my towel looing for date gym! there is a gym and good bros go there, i might see just whats up...

oh well whats going on else, nothing I suppose , blogging isnt that cool no more, especially that I hardly say anything serious, and i dont really visit any other blogs and hardly any one comments.


on a different note, marriage is good alhamdullelah, its a bit tough at first trying to adjust to each other, but its very rewarding alhamdullelah, just find a good person, pray your istikhara and go with it, dont delay too much ! subhan Allah I got married at the age I planned and hoped I would get married at.


On a different note, a dude at the gym whom I often have rleigious discussions with, the dude is mashaallah jacked! (huge) but anyways, he told me about this youtubething called "voices from hell"

suposedly some scinitists dug a hole in siberia and head people screaming and it was so hot down there, you can search it and you listen to people screaming, anyways! subhan Allah can you imagine the people of the fire screaming in mass from the pain and torment for all the prayers they missed, the zina and eating from 7aram!,

such a scary thought may Allah enter us jannah with no prior torment, may Allah forive our sins, and guide us to the straight path.