Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The (Hilary) Clinton Doctrine

I came across an article on Aljazeera English that discusses a perception I share of American foreign policy. An article written by a professor of Anthropology in Concordia university.
(on side note, professors of anthropology- in general- have been independent from the state department and not supporters of neo-imperialism as professors of Political Sciences.)

A Policy that is cunning and hypocritical, nonetheless the Clinton doctrine basically:

"is a mixture of realism and opportunism and a desire to intervene without being seen to intervene. It is a low cost foreign policy"

"involves hedging US bets by keeping a foot in almost all camps, maintaining contact with different sectors in the society, emphasising "stability" when regime survival seems possible, and then emphasising "orderly transition" when change seems probable."

The professor - that I salute- ended it with:
"What kind of friend to Egyptians has the US been? How credible is its record of supporting democracy in Egypt? Does Obama believe the US will not be called to account?"

I was recently talking to an American friend of mine who is doing his Masters in International Relations in an Ivy League university in the states, and I must tell you Americans are delusional when it comes to their foreign policy. Claiming "we will have cordial relations with the new regime just as we did with the old one" . Oh really ?

They some how do not hold themselves responsible at all for the survival of the old regimes - despite lavish military,intelligence and economic support along with turning a blind eye on extreme human rights violations and absurd corruption. Then expect the victim -those who lived under those expired but supported regimes- to be equally cooperative with them and wave the American Flag as Hilary drops (or trips for that matter) by to say hi and behave.

what adds insult to injury is the recent visit of John McCain Tea Party home boy to Tunis to ensure military cooperation, never mind the U.S veto over condemning israeli settlements in occupied territory and Tea Party soccer mom shortly before that saying, that no one has the right to condemn israel building settlements on occupied land!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sleepless in Cairo

So inshaAllaah tomorrow another million person gathering and Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi will be giving the khuttba inshaAllah.

Partially why I haven't been writing here, is that I would rather write something meaningful and analytical, I have been freelancing for a bit. If you search for me ( for those of you who know my name) you might find stuff I wrote. well not as much as I would like, but inshaAllah very soon.

too much is going on that just makes me think and follow, and sleepless!
Tahrir was just amazing, no one argues, we all knew what we wanted, and our responses to any government propaganda were the same, our goals were the same, and we didnt back down.

outside tahrir it could be a bit different as there are some mixed reactions, some of the cowards give in, some have family ties to those with an interest in maintaining the system or just bunch of ******** who turn a blind eye on all the rubbish Mubarak has brought. of course most of them shut up after he left and started pretending to be our friends.

Egypt is going to change a lot inshaAllah in the coming few years, wanna invest, invest in Egypt.
wanna marry, marry and Egyptian :P wanna walk ? walk like an Egyptian.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Dawn for Egypt with no tyrant

This is the Dua/Supplication of the first Fajr prayer in Tahrir Square after of liberation from Mubarak.
Dr Khaled Abu Shadi leading the prayer.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mabrook to Egypt!

Alhamdullelah, Allhamdullelah, Alhamdullelah,
I am not surprised, of course I am happy, inshaAllah things will be better

people are celebrating, everyone is happy.

we still have a way to go. to free elections, constitutional amendments......

am so happy Allahu Akbar!

Confirmed Mubarak to be greeted in UAE; the hours before.

So what happened ?

Basically Mubarak had this speech recorded and it was going to be broadcasted on the night of the tenth.

There were arrangements however, that Mubarak might leave to UAE as the foreign minister came to Cairo and gave him a message from the Emir. This guaranteed Mubarak a safe stay somwhere, there were talks about going to Germany of course. UAE of course sought Saudi's approval.

While Mubarak was having all his options open, he knew he had to leave at some point, there were plenty of signals for this, in Alharam news paper and national TV as well as the new head of the "National Democratic Party" who said the best thing Mubarak can do is leave, which is an obvious turn against him. It was only a matter of time.

The Military however stepped in and carried out a meeting without Mubarak, recognizing the legitimacy of popular grievances and demands. Which is basically snatching authroity from Mubarak. They also said they will protect the country which is basically saying we run the country for now.

The statement the Military issued came after Mubarak's recorded message. Had the military not said anything Mubarak would still have been in Cairo, or least in Sharm al Shaikh, as there were talks about going to protest in front of the presidential palace. Thus the message came as it was, meaningless to what people want, all what he said was he is delegating his powers to Suliman the vice president.

Suliman later pops up in a very desperate speech almost begging Egyptians to go back having a "normal life"

Mubarak is now in UAE for sure or minutes away,

The military will intervene more and are probably carrying out a meeting as I type this.
They will announce that they do not recognize Mubarak due to the revolution that took his legitimacy and will lead a transitionary period,,, we yet have to see how this unfolds,

the options are still limited, I will wait for more info before forecasting.



the rumors about peculiar activities going on in airport and 5 cars of money only confirmed my expectations.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mubarak off to UAE

Rumors and predictions state that Mubarak went off to UAE.
especially that the foreign minister of UAE came to Cairo with a message from the Emir.

However the military has issued a statement after a meeting which did not include Mubarak. Which signaled a message for him to leave.

This is despite the just broadcasted statement by Mubarak.
I heard too from a friend that the airport was made empty for him, and that 5 cars of money were being loaded onto an airplane, which seemed like it was Mubarak leaving.

I think he almost landed in UAE now.
Saudi would not min taking him too
but UAE most likely.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Egyptian Revolution, The Story

This is a much watch, Egyptians have suffered so long, may Allah protect the revolution and make it reach its goals

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hilary; Focus on your home.

Murtada Mansur, in the talk show Al-Bayt Baytak (The House is Your House) said:

I say to Hilary Clinton, let go of Egypt and concentrate on your household and your husband, we all know about Monica.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Back From Tahrir

I just came back from Tahrir, I doubt the rumors I mentioned in the earlier post will have any chance.
I was afraid that numbers may decline, Nope! hundreds of thousands were there, and you have to pass through many civilian check points and a bunch of military ones. Seems pretty safe despite the thugs away from an entrance.

There are all kinds of people, all peaceful, and they all want mubarak to leave, otherwise they are staying in Tahrir.

I believe he will have no choice but to leave inshaAllah.

Rumors of attmpting to harm American Embassy in Cairo.

There are rumors and it has been said by Omar Afifi a previous Egyptian army general and currently an academic that the Egyptian regime will try to push protesters to the very near by American Embassy and violently engage the protesters there. As well as sabotage the Embassy using thugs and police men out of uniform.

This is to justify extreme use of violence against protesters!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thugs shooting

Pro- Dictator Mubarak (Thugs and police in civilian clothes) are shooting at pro-democracy protesters, many have been injured and some died, the military there is largely standing useless,,,
thugs been throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at them even though women and children are present in tahrir square

Mubarak's thugs are going to length to protect this dictatorship, I suspect the military may intervene if it gets bad, although there are rumors that the military might just leave its posts!!!!!

my neighborhood in Cairo however has been largely free of those thugs, makes sense they are in Tahrir!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Viva Revolution!

Alhamdullelah I am fine, so much has been going on, have so much to say,
I am not surprised by this at all, I was seeing it coming, I proposed the possibility of it coming just a few weeks before it happened in this post below.

Egypt: plunging further into the Abyss of Dictatorship

keep us in your prayers.
Salam for now.