Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ibn Taymiyah; the Arabic Language.

قال الامام ابن تيمية: « إنّ اللغةَ العربيّةَ من الدِّين، ومعرفتُها فرضٌ وواجبٌ، فإنَّ فهم الكِتابِ والسُّنةِ فرضٌ، ولا يُفْهمُ إلاّ باللغةِ العربيةِ، وما لا يتُّمُ الواجبُ إلاّ بهِ فهو واجبٌ » .وقوله أيضاً: « وليس أثر اعتياد اللغة الفصحى مقصوراً على اللسان ، بل يتعمق حتى يؤثر في العقل والخلق والدين تأثيرا قوياً بيِّناً، ويؤثر أيضاً في مشابهة صدر هذه الأمة من الصحابة والتابعين، ومشابهتهم تزيد العقل والدين والخلق»

Imam Ibn Taymiyah: " The Arabic language is part of the Religion (deen)and knowing it is mandatory (fard). For understanding the book (Quran) and Sunnah is fard and are not understood without knowing the Arabic language. And whatever is required to complete a must (wajib) itself is a wajib." and also said: " The effect/consequence of getting accustomed to classical/ fus-ha Arabic is not only limited to the tongue, but its effect is profound on the mind, manners and deen; an effect which is clear, and it also affects the imitation of the first generation of this Ummah; Sahaba and Tabien, and their imitation increases the mind, deen and manners. "

Note than Imam Ibn Taymiyah was not an Arab, rather was a Kurd. May Allah have mercy on him.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Bench-Press Record !

Allahu Akbar !

It was insane, just bench pressed 298 pounds (135kg) for 8 reps ! MAshaALLLAAH! haha
I need to go for 145g 8 reps I think I ll do that inshaALlah in like a month if I keep it up! which is three plates on each side, considering I still never did steroids thats pretty solid.

Alhamdullelah awesome day especially that I wasnt planning at all to improve my bench press.

You betta recognie!