Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Field Research

Aiwa, Na3am Ok,

So alhamdullelah, my proposal has been approved a while ago, and am off in a country with a relatively liberal Authoritarian regime doing research ! alhamdulleah, sounds cool ay ? well I think inshaAllah the thesis is going to be a major academic contribution inshaAllah, inshaAllah I will publish it too! all I do now is try to make contacts and set up interviews and attend gatherings when there is info

I have been working out in this awesome gym when i have some time, seems a lot of people here are on steroids and lift very little, am all natural and I think I will stay that way inshaAllah, too many risks with doing steroids, dont think its the coolest thing to have a 21 inch biceps an yr impotent.


Egypt is really about to explode or implode on itself, there have been a series of serious events in the country and at a very past political pace, I really have no idea what could possibly happen, bu the current regime seems to have lost the ability to absorb shocks, the people are somewhat becoming fearless of the regime, workers with relatively little education are taking protests down the street and in front the parliament and chanting slogans against the "president" and the government.

The tragic murder of innocent of Alexandrian Khalid Saeid in a very brutal and gruesome manner at the hands of corrupt police men who sell drugs and torture citizens has created public anger, and has resulted in a strong reinforcement of calls to abrogate the "emergency law" which allows any police man to do anything without a warrant from a court, basically knock on your door and drag you for no reason to the police station. Over the past few days there have been protests in Cairo Alex and many other provinces for Khalid and calls of ending the emergency law and taking his murders to court.

Facebook is just full of calls and a lot of the protests are organized through it, and its mostly youth.

Muhammed al Baradie the previous President of the International Atomic Agency, who has an internal consensus on being the next president and his facebook group has over a quarter million supporters is the stronger challenger to the current government, people recognize that he has international legitimacy and parties of all ideologies agree that he should be the transition to political change.

anyways so much going on cant write much about, for the first time in ages I am having genuine interest in Egyptian domestic politics.