Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a Talk with a lil bitty keed in de geeym

Yah !

Alhamdullelah I love helping out folks in the gym giving them tips, adjusting the way their doing sets etc. Im more keen on folks more than their trainers that they get sometimes, who dont know shizzle or simply dont care.

This little kid came and stood beside me, as I was doing a set of cable rows, his EYES WIDE OPEN,, and saying "yanhar eswed" ( ya Black morning) sort of like OMG, and i am done as I wipe sweat of my forehead dripping a few over the bench, he s like show me your muscles,, so I laugh it off,, hes like show me your muscles .. so I bounce my pecs,, hes like waaaawww..lol ,, then hes like do like this (and he flexes his biceps) am like noooo,, bass.. he s like i what should i do here in the gym? .. am like how old are ya ? he said 12.. and i want to become tall and slim..am like drink milk and eat eggs lol.. hes like huh.. no nooo seriously.. am like yeah do that.. i do that too you know!.. hes like what do i do here ? am like nothing, go do swimming or football.. yr still young to bodybuild.. he wasnt satisfyied. i told him when r 16 come here and start.

then he feels my shoulder and says yanhar eswed again.. i tell him say mashaAllah! LOL,

which makes me wonder now.. why on earth a 12 year old wants to be tall and slim!?
when i was 12 what did I want ? I cant remember.

people usually think big guys are like nasty, when thats not the case, the biggest dude in our gym is like one of the kindest folks ever ! his arm is probably 22 inchs ,, thats like bigger than your thigh probably!

there were to girls 16 or 17 year olds makin fun of me as i was doing standing calf raises as i was growling. not to mention that the weight i had on was the heaviest the machine can sport. saying whats going on,, and teeeeeeeehehehe. I dont shout out like all of the gym can hear me but i i produce some scary noise on my heaviest sets, sort of like bruce Lee going WAAAAAAAKAAA and WOOOGGGGOOO, its to release energy, it helps!

moral of the post.. ?
BIG GUYS are not FREAKS and are NOT nasty, they are just like any other folks of which some are nasty and some are freaks.


Creation said...

Moral of the Post: Boys are Nasty!

MASS said...

you still go to primary school !?

Creation said...


" then he feels my shoulder and says yanhar eswed again.. i tell him say mashaAllah! LOL "