Saturday, August 30, 2008


emma said...

.i understand he meant good
.and it does have a beautiful message
.and many people must have benefited from this
.but i really do not personally beleive he can pull off english nasheeds

MASS said...

naa I think this is one of the most beautiful nasheeds ever, and adds a new style that is distinct not just a western tone of voice with Islamic lyrics.

Many others are just corny.
Bukhatir is the Real Deal.

LuLu...! said...


everytime i listen to this nasheed i remember this:


UmmAbdullah said...


Beautiful Nasheed.

Ramadhan Kareem bro!

Ra-1 said...

One of my favourites!

مبارك عليك الشهر :)
I know u want 2 kill me :/

MASS said...

dont have flash!

Ramadan Mubarak!

yup, Kuwaiti Munshideen are the best!

3aleyna we3leykum.
well you have to make it up then !