Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Frequent visitor ?

Who is the person in/from Kuwait showing up every few hours ? reveal yourself.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ramadan Note

Alhamdullelah had an awsome research trip, the people I encountered and new knowledge I gained is pricless. am a totally New Mass, I have developed new ideas,

I have come accross a person og high intellectual caliber, the best read since Edward Said's Orientalism, I was totally mind blown by this man's discourse, he is a Bedoin and an Islamist, he wrote a huge book (over 700 pages) with several chapters of research noting the changes in the Islamic political discourse regarding al-Hukm-Rule/ Governance. where he contextulizes the discourse used by various Islamic scholars within the political, social and economic context of the time.

noting them as

1- the original rightly guided discourse of the khulafah

2-the interpreted (slightly changed) discourse that came after

3- the innovated/changed/mu7araf discourse that we live in today.

The discourse of this man is so intense I was so mind blown, I have been so when I first came across edward said, and I used his discourse a lot in debates, I think this man will be my new guide for a long time in Islamic politics, I met him twice! and we fell in love pretty much, he was only going to give me 2o minutes after calling him, but after he met me and I talked to him about myself, he insisted that he gave me several extended meetings I was suppose to meet him in his house, but i was soo busy with other meetings/interviews, yet my interest with this shaikh/social scientist went beyond the research I was doing, and I know this sheikh will be one of those who revive Islam, and in decades and hundreds of years he will be remembered as a great scholar inshaAllah.


Today I saw something great, I saw a man pray but he was challanged and had difficulties with his legs, he walked with two crotches all the time, yet during prayer he would use one to stand and to bow and finally to make sujood, subhan Allah, it seemed he exrted a lot of effort to do so, I wondered to myself, how much would this man pay to get healthy normal legs? what would he do to get them? would he pray all the sunnah after salat in congregation ? subhan Allah, I think anyone would strive towards Allah if such was to be given, yet how many of us are healthy ? and disobey Allah.

on another note, I have been typing in Arabic for so long and the only one I talk to in english is my wife, I feel my english linguistic skills are somewhat rusty and am sure there are plenty of typos.

Finally Ramadan Mubarak, and may Allah make us of those whom make use of it.