Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nothing Specific just a pre nap

yahhh alhamdullelah youngest bro is back,, i missed him i gave him a hug even though he was very sweaty..i remember i have this pic where i flex one arm biceps and he is sitting on the same shoulder of that arm he3!,, now mashaAllah he s a big boy wont be able to do that.

aaaand he came with amreeki quality brrrrooot6eeen. he said i got bigger he3 mashaAllah.

on another notice most of the folks that come on this blog are (in order of most page hits)
1- in the U.S
2- U.K (or maybe zaytuna and mal were messing up my browser blogging from allover the U.K)
4-Saudi(apparently they come here for the globalization and deh muscle
5-Malaysia... huh ?
6-Kuwait-- maybe deh "liberalists" from a few years ago still hatin as i unintendly blocked blogspot in all of kuwait complaining about a specific blog to fast-teleco. some of these scumbags really need a to be slapped like a ****(teet), I pitty the fool.


now i need one of those thick honda CBR 800cc bikes to be a bad boy, so i can show off infront of the islamic lectures where all the niqabi sisters go unfortunaly you cant fit 4 on a motorbike..and maybe the sheik will come running after me with a stick... yes kidding kidding.

you'd think these sisters in niqab are all hardcore and "strict" when in reality they are all fluffy hyper and squeaqy. being in the " deen scene" at 17 and always having friends way older than me and now being 23, I could tell you that a lot of things dont seem what they are like. and youd be surprised at how people change a lot !only the fortunate ones who are real, keep practicing and mainitaing the spirit of Islam.

and may Allah keep us firm.


UmmBlog said...


UmmAbdullah said...

"May Allah keep us firm"


You can be niqabi + hardcore + strict + fluffy hyper (???) + squeeky

all at the same time...

Habayeb said...

Ameen to the dua

Lol i agree wid ummabdullah! and you forgot to mention UAE in ur list of countries.

MASS said...


yup you can.. but i wasnt refering to explicitly those qualities maybe in another post to be addressed

habayeb (plural of habeeb)
yup.. UAE is on the list but those countries come before.

I guess you sisters are still young in deh teens and have much to see in this crazy dunya with Fitnas from all direction. maybe if you ask older sisters you will know what i mean.

UmmAbdullah said...

I look forward to reading that post, insha'Allah.

And I definitely agree that I don't know alot abt this dunya, and have been living in a safe bubble from Day 1...

BUT..I am not in my teens! An insult for someone who's 21+!!

emma said...

i agree with that, ive met alot of different sisters who dont seem to fullfill my first impressions of them...but then again, why do you make it sound like niqab and practicing cannot be synonymous with having a fun life?

or if by your hyper fluffy and squeaky(??) do you mean secretly not up to scratch?

Habayeb said...

yeah,i agree ive been living in my safe zone all along and gotta learn ALOT...but lol as much as i wish i was in my teens nope i actually just got out of it!

Well, I agree some times things dont seem as they are (and if my guess isnt wrong,i know what u mean) but again we all make mistakes and sometimes those sisters DO realize what they may have done was wrong and do try to better themselves.

MASS said...


Hold your Horses Bajee, I said "maybe".

ahh sorry, my teen thing implied like 19,, I dunno Habeyeb seems younger than you though.

I was out of the bubble from day 1, well like from a very young age i was given plenty of freedom.

yup, I am not surprised anymore, yeah i guess i made it sound like niqab cant be fun. but thats not the case.

But. I dont even know what up to scratch means..

khaki said...

hmmm.. know exactly what you are talking about. the one thing i can't stand is hypocracy and i hope i will never be a hypocrite undeerneath my niqaab insha Allah