Monday, July 12, 2010

Chilling with the Badu

I was invited for dinner, then to meet one of the important folks that will help me with my research and ask him questions etc, Out in the dessert in a modernfied majlis/diwaniya, those who hosted the majlis were one of the most generous and noble, kind and warm people i ever came across.

all wore shmakh not ghetra, and at least some facial hair, some had long hair, they all stood up in the majlis when someone comes in and you have to shake hands with everyone, you shout out MASAAAAKUM ALLAH BELKHAIR every once in a while for the first few minutes. and you say shlonkum shakhbarkum etc... eople talk about random stuff, mostly politics, and a dude comes around with Arabic coffee, and dates

dinner of course, no spoon, just your right hand, in a common big plate, with an animal on a pile of rica haha.

anyways, so am going to go back to my town in souther egypt inshaAllah and visit our tribes peole there, 3uwaydah from banu 7azim from the mighty banu 7arb.

of course its not as it used to be decades ago, perhaps I will set an "NGO" with another distant cousin of mine who is also Poli Sci and went to the same university I did. Perhaps we can revive our tribal heritage thats already there, but just make it more of a big deal, and of course make it more Islamic, aint messin around.


Other than that I have gained fat like an idiot, I really need to diet again, but my weight lifts have gone up on a few lifts without planning or really trying which is good. I miss my treadmill, I miss driving, and for somereason I miss Cairo, naaa not much, Cairo gets too much after a while.