Sunday, November 20, 2011

19th of November: A New Revolution for Egypt ?

After the Million man protest on Friday 18th of November, which was to refuse the "pre-constitutional" document proposed by the SCAF (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) and to demand a fixed date for presidential elections, some groups decided to stay in Tahrir Square, but were met with brute force on the 19th !

The "pre-constitutional" document (often called Al-Silmi's document named after the deputy prime minister who formally orchestrated it) gives unprecedented authorities to the SCAF, which make it above the law, above transparency and above parliamentary monitoring and evaluation. It makes Egypt just as any country ruled by a military junta, Egyptian political factions have collectively rejected the document, although some regime cronies under the guise of new groups and elitists under the guise of liberals who want to halt the political process to take away Islamist political influence in the coming parliament.

at least one has died and 700 injured in the clashes between security forces and protestors, from allover the country. Police forces clashed with those who stayed after the 18th, on hearing the news, Egyptians poured from all directions into Tahrir, by the 7:00pm local time, security forces have left the

Memories of the 25th and 28th of January when the revolution first broke out was the talk of Egyptians, Tear gas everywhere, gun shots of pallet bullets heard, Mulims praying on Kasr Al-Nile Bridge surrounded by protecting Copts, a ground mini-hospital for first aid and focal for tranfering the injured right infront of KFC in the Square.

Switching on Egyptian TV stations, the same rhetoric and discourse overwhelms what has been said in the eary days of the revolution, go online and it is a different discourse, different perception, a different world. Egyptian state run media have been trying very hard to depict it into an Islamist uprising, despite the participation of liberals including the 6th of April movement.

The picture below shows a comparison between state run Channel One, and independent Aljazeera. Below on the heading, explaining the scene of Aljazeera has" Egyptian Movements and Political Parties participate in a million's protest demanding a fixed day to transfer authority (to a civil government) and rejecting al-Silimi's document. on the left the Egyptian state run Channel One, it says Mobilized protests by Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) and Salafis in Tahrir.

The picture above shows a comparison between state run Channel One, and independent Aljazeera. Below on the heading, explaining the scene of Aljazeera has" Egyptian Movements and Political Parties participate in a million's protest demanding a fixed day to transfer authority (to a civil government) and rejecting al-Silimi's document". on the left the
Egyptian state run Channel One, says: "Mobilized protests by Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) and Salafis in Tahrir".

It is absolutely clear that the SCAF is not going to let go of its transnational authority easily, however Egyptians are still in a revolutionary and furious at the response. Many in Egypt say a second revolution is in the making, and with the Arab spring still ongoing in Syria and Yemen, and the progress made in Tunis and Libya; it would stupid to think the political situation will settle in Egypt with a repressive authoritarian regime.

Monday, July 11, 2011

On Happiness

The secret of happiness is in being Content

And being Content implies that you are so with whatever Allah gives you or abstains from you, that you know that Allah does so out of His infinite Wisdom, Mercy and Knowledge.

Being Content arises from knowing that whatever happened to you was meant to be and was not going to miss you. Qadar.

Being in Content is through Submitting to Allah, being a Slave to Allah.

Being Content through love; A true lover is Content by whatever the loved one gives, Love of Allah.

Being Content arises from realizing that Allah has Infinite Knowledge and that you are ignorant or with limited knowledge. Allah knows and you dont, therefore Allah will give you accordingly.

Be Content with Allah's religious legislation of Halal and Haram, and Allah's choices for you as son of Adam doesnt always want whats good for him, sometimes he wants whats bad for him, However Allah always wants whats good for you.

If you are Content you will be happy with what you got, if not you will hate more what you have.

You cant be a slave to Allah unless you also worship Him, even if you are given that which you did not hope for or been fortunate with.

When you are Content with Allah with very little provision he is pleased with you with very little worship, and if you are content at all times, Allah is Content with you when you hasten to repent.

Being in discontent with Allah will bring doubt in Allah. Doubt in his Justice, Doubt in his Mercy.

Being Content brings righteous deeds, being discontent brings sinful actions.

Whoever is Content with Allah has his heart Full of richness, security, pleasure and satisfaction with whatever Allah has provided.

Being Content is the gateway to Paradise. Being Content is the gateway to Happiness in this world and the hereafter.

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Weaker U.S in Egypt

As the Arab Spring goes on, blowing the winds of revolution on more Arab countries the position of the U.S becomes weaker and its policy makers panic.

And as the recommendations of various academics and scholars of social sciences -who tried to bridge the gap between these two civilizations apologetically or not highlighted the importance of dialogue- were overlooked as naive and useless, overlooked with arrogance. Now the U.S is seeking dialogue with the new big boys. Namely the Islamists.

Washington has on several occasions gestured that it would like to talk with the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. The EU too on another note has invited the biggest Salafi political party in Egypt to its headquarters in Brussels to "get to know each other".

Sure Islamists generally have reacted positively by stating its positive step from Washington however, no one is thrilled. One of the Muslim Brotherhood spokesman on Aljazeera slammed the U.S and strongly denounced its previous foreign policy, saying that the U.S's global leadership is based on violence, use of force and oppression.

What is There to Discuss ?

Clinton said as she spoke about some dialogue occurring with members of the Muslim Brotherhood that the dialogue: "will continue to emphasize the importance of and support for democratic principles, and especially a commitment to nonviolence, respect for minority rights, and the full inclusion of women in any democracy. You cannot leave out half the population and claim that you are committed to democracy".

Non-violence would most likely refer to some sort of disassociation with Hamas, and committing to peace with Israel. Minority rights obviously to Copts and perhaps tolerance to some of the fishy political practice of the Pope. It could also mean including Copts in the Army, Police,National security and other institutions Copts were variously not included in. Women perhaps was just an ornamental addition to her speech as the Muslim Brotherhood have no objections in women political participation.

The gap between the interests of Islamists and the U.S is huge. What is there to discuss ?

Hamas will be a future topic.

Iran Containment (which is already ongoing)
and any other sensitive topic, which both entities stand on opposite ends with.

I highly doubt the Muslim Brotherhood will simply comply with the U.S on containing Iran, or on any regional politics unless there is mutual interest.

U.S Policies;

The U.S will try to attract the mellow fringe members of Muslim Brotherhood and try to empower them and give them some sort of platform to engage from. Which will be extremely difficult as the Muslim Brotherhood is highly knit and if any of its members acts alone he or she is basically severing them self from the group.

The U.S is trying to empower secularist and liberalist groups, The U.S has already spent millions of dollars on "democratization" which i doubt will continue to do so, as the Military council, the government, Islamists and public opnion/ the revolution is disgusted by it. And the seemingly innocent statement by the current Ambassador of the U.S to Cairo's about giving 40 million dollaars to "support democracy" was met with rage and government formed committees to stop such practice. Either way even if the money keeps flowing it will not undermine Islamists in Egypt.

The Constitution First Campaign.
The U.S has been heavily involved from the start in pushing for a constitution first so that there is more time for secularists and liberalists to gather, harness and mobilize supporters against Islamists. Before the referendum (over accepting the constitutional amendments or rejecting them) the U.S almost tied its aid to pushing for the constitution first, before parliamentary and then presidential elections.

The American Chamber of Commerce also organized a conference with News Paper Al Masry Al Youm (which is owned by a Coptic Billionare Naguib Sawiris currently being investigated for corruption charges) strongly arguing in favor of a constitution first.

The referendum was made and 77% of over 16 million voters approved it. However did the calls for the making a new constitution first stop ? No! they kept ongoing and the U.S kept funding the campaign "Ad-Dustoor Awalan", "The Constitution First", Money was also provided by Sawiris.

All in Vain

Today no one has given any attention to the "constitution first", and it has become no longer heard of. There was a previous Friday in Tahrir Square organized by those calling for this campaign some of them even used slogans against Israel to try and harness more support, in the end only a few thousand people showed up.

On the 8th of July and as the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafis and other Islamists said they will participate in the friday of "The Revolution First".Protestors are over a million if not hundreds of thousands.

The U.S is still active on the Economic front through the IMF and using other methods to keep Egypt weaker, however on the grassroots level the U.S has failed miserably. Islamists are going very strong, the Muslim Brotherhood is very organized other Islamists are catching up, the U.S will be unable to anything about it, but try to engage in "dialogue".

Sunday, June 5, 2011

How much will you go ?


Alhamdullelah I know I am very fortunate, but I also know I have stuck to my ideals, and somehow, even though I can be a horrible Muslim at times, Allah has helped me out. I have never done anything to harm anyone, nor sugarcoat anything unworthy of praise. I have had a friend told me that,,, that I am living up to my ideals, and I have not worked at a single place that cannot accommodate that.

I have always been outspoken, and never backed down in a debate, even if it is very controversial or potentially standing up for the "bad guys".

My advice to you in general and specifically if you are going into media, politics, NGOs etc. is that dont work for scumbags, dont work for embassies. I was once naive enough to think that if you work for the American embassy you can really show them that "Islamists" are not terrorists, that we love freedom just as anyone else, that if they can see that shariah is not horrible and that Islam is a true message of justice, peace and mercy.

Yet you alone cannot change the work of institutions, you are just a lowering ranking employee that can change nothing in the bigger picture, sure you can show that Arabs and Muslims are just as human like anyone else but that doesnt save a rat's ass.

Do not call someone a terrorist if they are not, dont stand up for the oppressors and abide by all their discourses, sure Muslims wrong others too, but dont make that obscure the bigger picture, that the Ummah is oppressed.

unfortunately those willing to compromise so much, do not start with that, its first "small" things" such as not praying on time so that people dont know you practice Islam, or you shave your beard or not wear hijab at all, or you attend parties or gatherings with drinking and so on.

Key is, you have done something other than for the sake of Allah, you have dignified other than Allah, and you have chosen to enslave yourself to the pleasure of others aconcerning you.

in the end all of this doesnt matter, in the end it is if you stand to up to Allah - who needs you not- and to this Ummah, and to the weak and oppressed, that you can find peace in yourself, and the assistance of Allah, those who debate you can talk trash all they want, yet when you confront them, they will back down, if not- rarely the case- you still know where you stand and you aint moving.

It is sickining how much people change as a result of wishful thinking, that they can actually change something by working for oppressive institutions, or engaging in a conference which the info that comes out of ultimately leads to the undermining of the Ummah. In the end you are pathetic, you can never be one of them nor you are of the Ummah. You become a despicable uncle tom, sure they might laugh with you, but they know you are a piece of shi* for selling out your own people. The more you stay in it the more you will need a radical shift in lifestyle to cure your illness, and so as anything in life which is wong.

remember that you are the slave of Allah, and Allah accepts only those who are pure and do actions only for his sake. Yet there are others too in this world who stand for their ideals not necessarily Muslim, yet they are better than you, they stood for their ideals and stood up for what they saw as just, and you saw the truth and stood for falsehood. fear Allah and say nothing bu the truth......... how much will you go...?? make the right turn and stand for righteousness

Friday, May 27, 2011

Week of Dieting

Am Back to Dieting alhamdullelah, since I stopped shortly after the revolution.

Its been almost a week, today is my cheat meal day,
pasta with alfredo sauce, mashed potatoes, meatballs and turkish meatballs and some sald

Just did my Cardio a bit late, on an empty stomach had my protein shake and a cup and a half of grind oatmeal, which is about 75 grams of carbs, I go to juma and hit shoulders traps and tris,

I have to do this for at least 2.5 months, see where it leads.

think am not getting enough calories as i often do a some out of office trips for work, thin i might add some protein and carbs, yesterday, I had a little less than kilogram of steak. felt so good !

Thursday, April 21, 2011

اللهم إكفني بحلالك عن حرامك و بطاعتك عن معصيتك
و بفضلك عن من سواك
اللهم إني أعوذ بك أن تكلني لنفسي طرفة عين
اللهم إني أعوذ بك من سوء القضاء و شماتة الأعداء
اللهم إني أعوذ بك من غلبة الدين و من قهر الرجال
اللهم إني أسئلك عيش السعداء و نزل الشهداء
و مرافقة الأنبياء و النصر على الأعداء
اللهم حبب إلي الإيمان و زينه في قلبي
و كره إلي الكفر و الفسوق و الأعصيان
اللهم إني أعوذ بك من الكفر و النفاق و الضلال
اللهم إني أسئلك التقوى و العفاف و الهدى
اللهم إجعلني عبدا شكورا صابرا محتسبا
اللهم إجعلني من عبادك المقربين
اللهم إغفر لي و إعفوا عني و إرحمني
و ثبتني على الحق المبين لا مبدل و لا مداهن للكافرين
اللهم لا مولى لي سواك و لا رب لي سواك و لا قدير سواك
اللهم لا تطردني عن جنابك فأكون من الخاسرين
اللهم إني هالك إلا برحمتك فلا تطردني من رحمتك
اللهم أنت ربي و أن عبدك الفقير
فأتني من جودك و كرمك يا رب العالمين
اللهم بيض وجهي يوم ألقاك و إجعل خير أعمالي خواتيمها
و إجعل كلامة أشهد أن لا إله إلا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله اخر كلامي
سبحانك رب العزة عن ما يصفون
و سلام على المرسلين
و الحمد لله رب العلمين

Monday, April 18, 2011

They asked me how I built my Traps and I Shrugged


alhamdullelah, good stuff going on, good plans, projects, busy, busy, busy; no moe specifics on blog.

It seems sticking to your ideals, is not as easy as you do in university, but I cant see myself kissing butt or doing something I dont like, or working for a cause contradictory to mine. Good things are happening in Egypt, inshaAllah its going very well, and people like me will have a big say in what goes on and the track this country will take.

So I have been able to pull of 60kg dumbbells (132pounds) in each hand and shrugged them 8 reps.
Since I stopped the diet right before the revolution I ballooned, still fit in my "motivation jeans" though my wife got for me. So I guess I should start dieting again all the way.



Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ibn Taymiyah; the Arabic Language.

قال الامام ابن تيمية: « إنّ اللغةَ العربيّةَ من الدِّين، ومعرفتُها فرضٌ وواجبٌ، فإنَّ فهم الكِتابِ والسُّنةِ فرضٌ، ولا يُفْهمُ إلاّ باللغةِ العربيةِ، وما لا يتُّمُ الواجبُ إلاّ بهِ فهو واجبٌ » .وقوله أيضاً: « وليس أثر اعتياد اللغة الفصحى مقصوراً على اللسان ، بل يتعمق حتى يؤثر في العقل والخلق والدين تأثيرا قوياً بيِّناً، ويؤثر أيضاً في مشابهة صدر هذه الأمة من الصحابة والتابعين، ومشابهتهم تزيد العقل والدين والخلق»

Imam Ibn Taymiyah: " The Arabic language is part of the Religion (deen)and knowing it is mandatory (fard). For understanding the book (Quran) and Sunnah is fard and are not understood without knowing the Arabic language. And whatever is required to complete a must (wajib) itself is a wajib." and also said: " The effect/consequence of getting accustomed to classical/ fus-ha Arabic is not only limited to the tongue, but its effect is profound on the mind, manners and deen; an effect which is clear, and it also affects the imitation of the first generation of this Ummah; Sahaba and Tabien, and their imitation increases the mind, deen and manners. "

Note than Imam Ibn Taymiyah was not an Arab, rather was a Kurd. May Allah have mercy on him.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Bench-Press Record !

Allahu Akbar !

It was insane, just bench pressed 298 pounds (135kg) for 8 reps ! MAshaALLLAAH! haha
I need to go for 145g 8 reps I think I ll do that inshaALlah in like a month if I keep it up! which is three plates on each side, considering I still never did steroids thats pretty solid.

Alhamdullelah awesome day especially that I wasnt planning at all to improve my bench press.

You betta recognie!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The (Hilary) Clinton Doctrine

I came across an article on Aljazeera English that discusses a perception I share of American foreign policy. An article written by a professor of Anthropology in Concordia university.
(on side note, professors of anthropology- in general- have been independent from the state department and not supporters of neo-imperialism as professors of Political Sciences.)

A Policy that is cunning and hypocritical, nonetheless the Clinton doctrine basically:

"is a mixture of realism and opportunism and a desire to intervene without being seen to intervene. It is a low cost foreign policy"

"involves hedging US bets by keeping a foot in almost all camps, maintaining contact with different sectors in the society, emphasising "stability" when regime survival seems possible, and then emphasising "orderly transition" when change seems probable."

The professor - that I salute- ended it with:
"What kind of friend to Egyptians has the US been? How credible is its record of supporting democracy in Egypt? Does Obama believe the US will not be called to account?"

I was recently talking to an American friend of mine who is doing his Masters in International Relations in an Ivy League university in the states, and I must tell you Americans are delusional when it comes to their foreign policy. Claiming "we will have cordial relations with the new regime just as we did with the old one" . Oh really ?

They some how do not hold themselves responsible at all for the survival of the old regimes - despite lavish military,intelligence and economic support along with turning a blind eye on extreme human rights violations and absurd corruption. Then expect the victim -those who lived under those expired but supported regimes- to be equally cooperative with them and wave the American Flag as Hilary drops (or trips for that matter) by to say hi and behave.

what adds insult to injury is the recent visit of John McCain Tea Party home boy to Tunis to ensure military cooperation, never mind the U.S veto over condemning israeli settlements in occupied territory and Tea Party soccer mom shortly before that saying, that no one has the right to condemn israel building settlements on occupied land!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sleepless in Cairo

So inshaAllaah tomorrow another million person gathering and Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi will be giving the khuttba inshaAllah.

Partially why I haven't been writing here, is that I would rather write something meaningful and analytical, I have been freelancing for a bit. If you search for me ( for those of you who know my name) you might find stuff I wrote. well not as much as I would like, but inshaAllah very soon.

too much is going on that just makes me think and follow, and sleepless!
Tahrir was just amazing, no one argues, we all knew what we wanted, and our responses to any government propaganda were the same, our goals were the same, and we didnt back down.

outside tahrir it could be a bit different as there are some mixed reactions, some of the cowards give in, some have family ties to those with an interest in maintaining the system or just bunch of ******** who turn a blind eye on all the rubbish Mubarak has brought. of course most of them shut up after he left and started pretending to be our friends.

Egypt is going to change a lot inshaAllah in the coming few years, wanna invest, invest in Egypt.
wanna marry, marry and Egyptian :P wanna walk ? walk like an Egyptian.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Dawn for Egypt with no tyrant

This is the Dua/Supplication of the first Fajr prayer in Tahrir Square after of liberation from Mubarak.
Dr Khaled Abu Shadi leading the prayer.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mabrook to Egypt!

Alhamdullelah, Allhamdullelah, Alhamdullelah,
I am not surprised, of course I am happy, inshaAllah things will be better

people are celebrating, everyone is happy.

we still have a way to go. to free elections, constitutional amendments......

am so happy Allahu Akbar!

Confirmed Mubarak to be greeted in UAE; the hours before.

So what happened ?

Basically Mubarak had this speech recorded and it was going to be broadcasted on the night of the tenth.

There were arrangements however, that Mubarak might leave to UAE as the foreign minister came to Cairo and gave him a message from the Emir. This guaranteed Mubarak a safe stay somwhere, there were talks about going to Germany of course. UAE of course sought Saudi's approval.

While Mubarak was having all his options open, he knew he had to leave at some point, there were plenty of signals for this, in Alharam news paper and national TV as well as the new head of the "National Democratic Party" who said the best thing Mubarak can do is leave, which is an obvious turn against him. It was only a matter of time.

The Military however stepped in and carried out a meeting without Mubarak, recognizing the legitimacy of popular grievances and demands. Which is basically snatching authroity from Mubarak. They also said they will protect the country which is basically saying we run the country for now.

The statement the Military issued came after Mubarak's recorded message. Had the military not said anything Mubarak would still have been in Cairo, or least in Sharm al Shaikh, as there were talks about going to protest in front of the presidential palace. Thus the message came as it was, meaningless to what people want, all what he said was he is delegating his powers to Suliman the vice president.

Suliman later pops up in a very desperate speech almost begging Egyptians to go back having a "normal life"

Mubarak is now in UAE for sure or minutes away,

The military will intervene more and are probably carrying out a meeting as I type this.
They will announce that they do not recognize Mubarak due to the revolution that took his legitimacy and will lead a transitionary period,,, we yet have to see how this unfolds,

the options are still limited, I will wait for more info before forecasting.



the rumors about peculiar activities going on in airport and 5 cars of money only confirmed my expectations.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mubarak off to UAE

Rumors and predictions state that Mubarak went off to UAE.
especially that the foreign minister of UAE came to Cairo with a message from the Emir.

However the military has issued a statement after a meeting which did not include Mubarak. Which signaled a message for him to leave.

This is despite the just broadcasted statement by Mubarak.
I heard too from a friend that the airport was made empty for him, and that 5 cars of money were being loaded onto an airplane, which seemed like it was Mubarak leaving.

I think he almost landed in UAE now.
Saudi would not min taking him too
but UAE most likely.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Egyptian Revolution, The Story

This is a much watch, Egyptians have suffered so long, may Allah protect the revolution and make it reach its goals

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hilary; Focus on your home.

Murtada Mansur, in the talk show Al-Bayt Baytak (The House is Your House) said:

I say to Hilary Clinton, let go of Egypt and concentrate on your household and your husband, we all know about Monica.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Back From Tahrir

I just came back from Tahrir, I doubt the rumors I mentioned in the earlier post will have any chance.
I was afraid that numbers may decline, Nope! hundreds of thousands were there, and you have to pass through many civilian check points and a bunch of military ones. Seems pretty safe despite the thugs away from an entrance.

There are all kinds of people, all peaceful, and they all want mubarak to leave, otherwise they are staying in Tahrir.

I believe he will have no choice but to leave inshaAllah.

Rumors of attmpting to harm American Embassy in Cairo.

There are rumors and it has been said by Omar Afifi a previous Egyptian army general and currently an academic that the Egyptian regime will try to push protesters to the very near by American Embassy and violently engage the protesters there. As well as sabotage the Embassy using thugs and police men out of uniform.

This is to justify extreme use of violence against protesters!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thugs shooting

Pro- Dictator Mubarak (Thugs and police in civilian clothes) are shooting at pro-democracy protesters, many have been injured and some died, the military there is largely standing useless,,,
thugs been throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at them even though women and children are present in tahrir square

Mubarak's thugs are going to length to protect this dictatorship, I suspect the military may intervene if it gets bad, although there are rumors that the military might just leave its posts!!!!!

my neighborhood in Cairo however has been largely free of those thugs, makes sense they are in Tahrir!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Viva Revolution!

Alhamdullelah I am fine, so much has been going on, have so much to say,
I am not surprised by this at all, I was seeing it coming, I proposed the possibility of it coming just a few weeks before it happened in this post below.

Egypt: plunging further into the Abyss of Dictatorship

keep us in your prayers.
Salam for now.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cutting, You Mad Brah ?

Aiwa, so Alhamdullelah,

This week I weight at 108kg lost 1kg for the week and actually made some strength gains on the bench press, squat and other lifts which was surprsing given that am dieting, alhamdullelah it never went this good, I think now I know exactly what am doing, just need to keep it up and am gonna be shred like mad brah! you mad ? dont hate say, mashaAllah haha.

and I grew my arm 0.1 inch haha despicable. once I am down to 98kg inshaAllah I can bulk again, alhthough I wanna try to go even lower, this is all wishful thinking I should just be patient and see how it goes inshaAllah.

today I went to town on pasta and some kofta for my cheat meal. was awesome alhamdullelah!

thesis going good! this dieting is very time consuming, so I decided to cut myself off the world till am done, no more facebook and no more news .

Wa As-Salaaam.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

dieting week1 ongoing sucess!

start day: January 8th @ 112kg currently 109kg.

so am back on the diet plan that was disturbed by my weird allergic reaction, managed to get my weights up again, and now am on a hardcore diet, no messing around.

day1: back
day2: rest
day3:chest + bi (optional)
day4: rest or biceps
day6:shoulders + traps + triceps
day7: rest

everyday first thing on the morning 30 min cardio followed by nonstop a variety of abb/lower back exercises- high reps.

200 grams carbs 300 grams protein some fat (dont count, by feel)

no suger what so ever, no salt what so ever, all salts I take come naturally from lemon or tomatoes (salt retains water fat!). carbs complex, mainly oatmeal and wholewheat bread, rice optional only after work out with weights,

day 7 cheat meal !!!!! up the carbs to maybe 400 grams I havent decided yet, I get to eat one big meal in the day, the rest the same I am not going to mess this up and just go to town on candy, the key is healthy carbs, not empty calories of junk food.

I am oxyelite pro diet pills take 2 on empty stomach and may take a third one 6/8 hours later.

try to keep all the protein from solid foods, except my post workout 2 scoops of protein powder.

I lost A LOT of water, still hanging on to my strength my arms are still over 17inchs alhamdullelah, lets see if I keep this up to 7 more weeks
I ll be down to 100kg at least inshaAllah!!!!! hopefully 98!

then i ll take a 4 day break and go on a bulking cycle for 4 weeks !!! it will be insane inshaAllah, then maybe i get on some juice aka gym candy aka gear aka roids lol haha!