Sunday, August 17, 2008


ahhh mayyn, I just orderd some fast food, Hardees! Use to eat sometimes in Kuwait, Me and me Best Pal Mish after a wild jaming session of blasted amplifiers with heavy distortion from cool pedals and stuff running around headbanging with low strapped guitars we would order some food and watch tv lol...
some days it was fatayer others some junk food, sometimes pizza duuude awsome days.

that was like every wednesday , Id go to his place or he comes over, we eat and jammmmmm then go out "GIZZ" just look good and walk around, and occasionaly bump into some cute chickz, we d also go to this muscial shop "Wataniya" in Salmiya highstreet, and rock on the guitar there,, and get a crowd around us, and all the younger teens beg their parrents to buy em a guitar lol.. and the parrents say its coz we play good not coz the guitar is awsome :P.. I remember this Philipino dude who worked there William, he would be happy to show us tunes and cliffs but once we got really good (actually better than him) to the point of grapping attention away from him he gets pissed off and like claims the guitar is busted or the amplifier is I dunno what ... we also one day met some dudes who were like shocked that we didnt know them lol, some Bahraini brothers who who had a khaleeji band. me and mish thought they were a bit loose in the head.

me and mish would usually start off togther then we d meet other folks,, oh yeah Sheeha lol :S
Sheesha was a big thing among us, but me and mish later on stopped coz its bad for us. on one time we had this African American friend of ours who insisted on smoking it after it was done so he was just smoking the coal, and you know sterotyoing African Americans :P he was somking it as if it was weed with the facial jestures and all ..later on he tripped whle crossing the road and i had to grab before a car was about to run over him lol

I remember two girls (Divas) from school coming out of fanar, just around the corner we stopped and we talked for a bit and then they walked away with about 50 geezies stalking them and giving us looks of ackonwledgment.
Stalking is a big part of teen culture in kuwait.. iguess folsk grow up to do nastier stuff.. alhamdullelah i never went that far!..

I rememberrrr! the night of our first performance we were so anxsious and nervous, but with the first cords the girls were screaming the top of their lungs off everyone went crazy so did the parrents (it was winter concert and formal but we were the only rock band, and we had to sit down and wear formal! it was Master of Puppets by Metallica)) so being the only rock band we were pretty much the main event :P ohh yeahh it was sooo awsome me and mish were like flying after the concert was done girls started pouring at us telling us how we were amazing and stuff lol :P

I remember we went to a resturant and this dude our friend made us run after we payed and wrote the comments in this card thing abou the service... he was like I wrote **** **** on it (cussing his mother) we were like YOU IDIOT.. the punk forgot the DVD he bought there.. wo he sneaked inside and got it,, and this syrian chef dude ran after him lool..

I remember we d crack up to Dave Chappelle, Ali G and some of the nonsense clips you can downlaod on Kazza and Napster... we worked out the same gym for a while, we camped too,, I still have a rock with me from those camping days..

me and Mish havent met up in like 3 years,, inshAAllah we meet up in decembre :D. its like I can call him up anytime or mail him and its like we still crack up jokes.. we miss each other like we havent talked in ages.. but we dont behave like it

food is here.. alhamdullelah!


zaytuna said...

Awwh sweet post!
Other than the "Gazz" part!
There was a street in Kuwait called "share3 el gazz" or something right? So lame man!
Fanar, sounds familiar.. Souq Al Fanar?

I collect rocks too from memorable places.

LuLu...! said...

santa fe?
its my favorite Hardees sandwich ;) (but the Abu Dhabian santa fe not the Egyptian one) he3he3!
the egyptian one is a little bit sucky!!

wallahy kol 2el Egyptian fast food ye2ref lol!

maaaan....guitar is fun, isn't it?

Habayeb said...

I somehow haven't eaten from Hardees in a long time ..its KFC mostly....i actually can't tell the difference anyway. I just go eat lol. Ive been in love with the guitar ever since I saw this Indian actor playing it in a movie lol. Oh and the violin too :D

Habayeb said...

P.S lotsa typos! there's something called a spell check :P

MASS said...

thank you, but you know are sort of Gazz is not like 3egaydi arabic schools desperate gizzing, we did "civilized gazz" we never forced ourselves on anyone in fact we use to get stalked at times .

maybe there is a street like that, i dunno, but yeah its souq al fanar or fanar complex,

yeah i orderd santa fe and bog boss with fries and diet pepsi, and i could ve eaten another one to be like totally full, and a 4th i ll be stuffed. naa actually egptian hardees is pretty good. unless the one in abdu dahbi really beats kuwaiti one

Egyptian fast food is yuck i agree but not all of em, there are those local mostly expat folks and shabaab of GUC AUC kind of folks that hang out in em that are pretty good! just tell me when you go to Egypt and i ll tell you about em!

MASS said...


I havent eaten Hardees in like a year and a half maybe 2, other than yesterday.

naa Guitar was my thing after listinig to Metallica, i was like yeahh i need to do that stuff..

typos well i was really excited writing it and it was the middle of the night !

LuLu...! said...

yea i know fara7aat and hind (we tom and basal, we koshary 2el ta7reer, we shee5 2el balad i guess) betaa3 2el koshary!! and i know some more but i cant remember there names!
we fee sob7y?? fish?? lol??
and how can i forget abu sha2ra!!!

maaan i got hungry!

MASS said...

haha, i dont know hind and fara7aat. I know Raya and Skeena he3!

toom and basal i think i orderd once when i use to live in mohandiseen for a while,,, koshari ta7reer is nasty! sheikh el balad never been there but i know where it is.. naaa maaynnn these are nasty places !

try lucilies in maadi or burger joint, previously known as Route69, try Al Dente, in maadi or zamalek, Abu Rami (in madba7) for kebaab, Adura for Fish in mohandiseen.

Luciles is my favorite place I know its the kind of place you westernized Gulfi-fied folks would like.

LuLu...! said...

im really maaaad at myself!!!!

how can i 4get abu ramiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii???
i love it!!

we kamaan 2a3raf Al malki beta3 roz be laban! love it toooo!

Creation said...

(from a well-wisher of yours)

MASS said...

Jazakum Allahu Khairan really appreciate it.