Friday, August 15, 2008

Such a tiny person.

BAD ME, i kept awake for longer that I should, way longer.
So I decided to stay all the way till fajr,
So I decided I ll just check out some blogs
I ve been checking out so many of them
I saw such amazing people subhan Allah..
all I did was click on Islam in my profile
to see other folks who wrote Islam in their interests.

all what I thought is that Politics is really
what this world boils to, but I guess there is more to the world than politics.
I even found a le7ya bro with intrest in muscles like myself:P
I found a strong sister who is physically challanged, whom embraced buddhism then later on Islam.
That sister really touched my heart.
I found a blog of a 67 year old journalist with scitzophrenia
Another Blog by a Canadian Turkish Revert sister who makes bread.
ahh too man to mention.

am sleepy I should hit the sack. i worked out today (or yesterday) after about 3 weeks layoff. i rested my wrist coz it got busted. then on the day i was suppose to hit the weights i got as cold! i lost weight fat and muscle.. but am quite surprised i still barely have a good measurment of my arms, even though i havent pumped em out yet..alhamdullelah..

ahh daayyyuunnngg maaynn i have like a lil wee less than a year and a half to finish off masters inshaAllah.
then inshaAllah PHD if everythng goes smooth.. I wonder how will I get married in all this! not to mention keep my muscles growing !

all I can say.. Allah al musta3aaaan, and whom ever has tawakul on Allah He is sufficient for him.


LuLu...! said...

hey Mass!

**ahh too man"y" to mention.**

nighty night! ;)

Aisha La Estudiante said...


You must have found my blog Islam surfing on blogs. Sweet..

Interesting blog you have.
My husband's totally into weightlifting too. Did you watch the weightlifting Olympics?

MASS said...


yes i was very sleepy, and now that i read it again, there are plenty of errors and typos in it, and spelling mistakes!



yup I found your blog surfing.
am more into body building than weightlifting,I only follow the Mr O.
thanx for passing by.

zaytuna said...

You busted your wrist! Salamaat man matshoof shar inshAllah.
Mass becareful man how many times have you hurt yourself now because of this "baady building"?!

MASS said...

it doesnt happen overnight your legaments sort of swell/inflamate upon heavy resistance over a long time.. you rest and you be ok

its called "Taxing your Joints"

"No Pain No Gain"

jazakum Allahu khairan

Bridgette said...

:D Hey wow! you wrote about me
My bread ;) is what caught your eye isn't it? :P you know the bread is so easy I really think you should try it once, its amazing for breakfast!

anyway salam, and take care of yourself