Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Arab Diplomatic Initiatives

As I have pointed out in a previous (post) its seems there are more initiavtes in the same direction, now there are talks between the Syrian and Lebanese president after a few years of diplomatic tensions. Also more recently the Jordanian Government holds talks with Hamas officials! After a cut off and heavy tensions for 9 years!

Keep in mind that this is for regional strategic reasons not coz King Husain suddenly had a “change of heart” in the Israeli coming elections and what it yeilds may mess up the situation in West Bank which would bring turmoil in Jordan. However this will also ease tentions with the Muslim Brotherhood of Jordan and the Islamist Social movment at large with th Jordanian government.

Anyway it seems interesting.. Jordan is trying to step up.. Now Egypt looks like a dork since they havent been able to bring all Palestinian factions and Israel to concrete deals.. Whatever Happens in Egypt in the next decade or is going to be a major propellant of what the Middle East will look like vis-à-vis Israel.

The U.S is too busy with Iraq that its “Allies” are more free to do what they want,, and more recently the Fiasco of Georgia is worrying them and dragging them into Cold War Politics.. Georgia ia a U.S Ally and currently Russian troops are only 40km away from Tbilisi the Georgia Capital..

International Affairs is getting Interesting !!


emma said...

I'm pleased with the Hamas thing cos at least thats recognition on a political level:)

MASS said...

Hamas has been pretty strong and has forced regional players to recognise it as a player itself..

Ironic is that it was elected democratically.

the U.S's absurd policy of isolation is obviously failing.

emma said...

Whats also interesting is Turkish politics and how the Judiciary ppl put conditions on the current party in return to keep them in power, even tho they are also representing the majority of the population (i see this as a similarity with Hamas)

Apparently 'Domocracy' is disliked there as well!

MASS said...

With Turkey I see the similarity.
the AKP was only short of a few more parlimentary members to be able to change the constituion.

Hamas is just completly rejected, and they were faught against by Fatah which was funded by Israel and the U.S trained and armed to overthrow hamas,
Israel and Fatah were imprisoning
Hamas prime misisters! and confiscating their property..

err,, messed up.