Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cheap political shnooge

Salaaam 3alla man 2itaba3a al hudda

yeaah I am suppose to write political stuff, but i mostly write cheap political observations here, I d rather invest the time and effort into something genuine like an online newspaper or for studies. Oh well.. its good and sometimes gives me ideas

my prediction since like a few months ago have been yeilding well.
I think am starting to have a capacity to predict the way political trends are heading alhamdullelah


I weighed myself today 107kg :S. I look thinner but am actually heavier, i guess i have shed more fat and put on more muscle. my pants are still generally tight, I have started running feels awsome, it compromises my pump, thickness and bulky built look but I guess its more healthy to run than keep on the anaerobic routine.

yup I am going to check out a Judo class on friday, just met the coatch I will be the heaviest dude in the game, surely not the strongest though.

Shoold be hearing from my Japanese classes tommorrow inshaAllah. to set the time.
Japanese and Judo ! now I need a Japanese niqabi/ninja wife and i ll be set for life.

I have become more consiously aware that i am smart. I easily learn things. alhamdullelah I think if I ever go well with Japanese my next hit will be Spanish.
as far fetches already. if i learn those well then i ll hit Urdu then i ll stop anyway.

other than that I is doing well alhamdullelah

Now I need to go eat like a Mad Beast, Eat Meat. MEAAATTTT

Monday, January 12, 2009

Gaza, Sacrifice for Mobilization

There are no words sufficient to describe the situation in Gaza and there are no words sufficient to describe the ? Organized gang of “Israel” that has broken all human norms. Those neo-Fascists is what is wrong with the world. There can never be peace with such people, they simply leach on their “religion” (or a several specific interpretations of it) for their own existence.

Yet from such trauma bleeding the Ummah there are several positive signs that are wholistic but could be indicated.

Some people say that the protests were useless but without them I assure you Arab governments already minimal and cowardly response would have been very dim.

I am also quite surprised at the way the Saudi religious establishment “The Ulema” have responded to this. The Least the could have done was issue a fatwa for Jihad. Over the years their role has become so self undermined that they have become beyond pathetic when it comes to political roles. Saudi Ulema can still play a major role in the advancement of the Ummah but unfortunately this is not the case.

Arab peoples have become so politically tamed that even our demands have become so weak. Humanitarian aid is vital but this is not what Gaza Needs. Palestine needs troops to force Israel back to the 1967 boarders and to force it to accept “peace”. Even at times of peace settlements have expanded this year alone at 5% in “West Bank” they literally kick people out of their homes and live in them.

1- The situation in Gaza has moved the Arab and Islamic world as well as the wider globe.
We need to have a stronger presence in places where they sympathize with us, Venezuela, Norway and South Korea.
2- Islamic TV channels are no longer only involved exclusively in social issues but have dramatically shifted to an explicit political discourse, be reminded that a few years ago they did not even exist.
3- The Arab governments can longer rely on the west to act, as they do not fulfill the expectations of the angry streets forcing governments to act. They are undergoing a test now. So far are failing which gives them a lesser chance of survival. Social (namely Egypt) forces are stronger than ever.
4-Egypt is currently being marginalized by its traditional partners which is obviously why it is position is artificially being boosted by the U.S. in the security council. Turkey is somewhat getting involved which is good and if its governments remains with the same tendencies. I suspect they will have a bigger role in the future Turkey is already doing a good job penetrating the Arab world economically.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm Back

Oh Boy.
Yes finally, although I thought I might not come back at all, my friend AA urged me to write something "even if once a month"( he promised to open up his own soon inshaAllah. Am grateful to all the folks who stayed in touch here and there by email.

The semester I just finished was the toughest one I ever had. Insane, but may have been the most useful I ever had too, I have slightly modified my world view curbing down a bit on my postmodern tendencies. Masters is a big jump from undergrad, am glad i just cut off the blogging, there was hardly any time. If I wasn’t reading, I was writing something, and if I wasn’t writing nor reading I was doing research, in a 14 week semester I had 11 papers to write. If i wasn’t doing any of those i was in the gym, although the last month and a half was hardly in the gym and I lost a lot of weight, only to pack it on it 2 weeks, still working on it.

For me Eid was at home, writing papers. I didn't leave the house nor visit my relatives amid all the assignments I had to do.

I have a lot of new developed ideas, I no longer think small, I think grand, perhaps I ll share some of it with you folks.

there are also plenty of major developments in world politics, that will change how "things" are run.

peace for now.