Saturday, August 16, 2008

What Am I ?

I have Wings that dont make me fly.
I have Guns that dont shoot bullets.
I have Wheels that arent that fast.

What Am I ?


zaytuna said...

I don't know..
No wait!
let me guess

A loser?
(taking a break from the assignment you gave me)

Anonymous said...

well what was this?

MASS said...

A body builder

wings = lats (latismusdorsi)
guns = arms
wheels = Quads (Quadriceps)
thats a bit of bodybuilding terminology for ya folks.

Anonymous said...

You're kiddding!
I was TOTALLY off track.

A body builder is the last thing in the world that I was going to come up with.

Do you know what I was going to suggest:

DUMBO the elephant!

Wings = his ears
Guns= his trunk

It was just b'cos of the last line that I didn't write Dumbo.

hahahaha, LOL!