Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cold War Again ?

I was watching the news yesterday, getting all excited about a major shift in international affairs.

three significant developments occurred over the past few days

1- Poland and the U.S sign a military deal where the U.S is to place anti-missile shields (missiles) supposedly to protect Poland from any threat of long/medium range missiles, obviously this is directed at deterring Russia, or balancing it off but Condalica Rice (minister of International Relations) referred to it as protecting Poland from Iran( obviously Iran and Poland dont have any pressing issues of dispute).

2- More tensions arise between NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and Russia, NATO freezes all normal relations with Russia. Yup that’s more beef with Russia.

3- “President” of Syria Bashar al Asad goes to Moscow ! Denouncing the U.S’s back up to Georgia and its oppression to the world, he paves the way for military deals and co-operation including buying advanced aircraft fighters and allowing Russian Warships in Syrian ports in return of Russia dropping the money it is owed by Syria..

All of this was triggered over the situation in Georgia, where Russia felt its interest in the Caucuses was being undermined so it had to make the move to keep its strategic dominance over the area. Georgia of course is a U.S Ally now.

The U.S still feels or least treats Russia as if it was in the 90s when the U.S.S.R collapsed and Russia has become significantly weak stripping away its global power. Obviously Russia is way stronger now, (along with China and also India!).

The U.S since 9-11 has been occupied with this “War on Terror” a complete bogus term that doesn’t mean anything and has launched a war that among many things show bigotry and hatred towards Arabs and Muslims rather than being based on sound strategic judgment, it wasn’t so long till the U.S made use of 9 11 and launched a war on Iraq using its pretexts as a support. The U.S was serving Israeli interests in the Middle East over its own, ( as Mershimer and Waltz have pointed out before)

In the mean time Russia, China and India have significantly improved their economies, Of course Russia and then China are much more immanent threats to U.S Global dominance, I wrote a post before (Heading Towards a Mulit Polar World) like everyone else predicating the global situation, I never expected thought it would be that soon and blatant .

Its too early to decide how this will affect Muslim Countries with Military dictatorships suffocating their people, but I guess it gives more room for political opposition to act under the blind spot of America being concerned with more alerting issues.


Pat said...

Good observation man!
However you missed the islam link though.........

MASS said...

aha! so yr the occasional comer from Banglore ?

well whats the Islam Link ?
I do mention something relvant in the end, but not all posts are Islam related.