Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Record

Pressed 115kg / 255 pounds 10 reps,

funny thing is am dieting and didnt expect to be able to, yet still thats some tiny weights inshaAllah the end of this year will be very different, juice time!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Life is exciting and a challenge and can be a lot of fun! inshaAllah we all have a pleasant life, yet as much as we would like to have a pleasant life we should also keep in mind it doesn’t last forever, and everyone wants it pleasant after its over.

Don’t keep delaying those changes that need to be done whether its its setting your prayer on time, or quitting your conscious rubbing job or leaving a haram relationship. You Can make those changes now, you may not be able to make them later.

Monday, April 5, 2010

thy new post

Salaaam aleykum
so its good to blog again, feel like am becoming a bit alien to this,
marriage life is good alhamdullelah, different though but good, you become responsible to someone, and an americano is double trouble ! no not really but yeah somewhat but no again, you get the pic. But of course, Americans are way better than Egyptians! :D I'm jealous.

Cairo driving
driving in cairo is horrible, no one follows an rules its like a vedio game but it can be nice too, I go like freakin 160km/h on the highway, going between the cars and all, am so cool like that, ehm yeah. and sometimes you would get some dude who wanna race you like its need for speed, I win most ones, its best when you come next to him and driving fast past and cut him of ohhhh thats good! but I never provoke anyone, and its also cool when you look at the other dude and he tryin to be some hot shot and he s a little weasel. I am super cool!

which takes us on to bodybuilding of course!

yup I havent really made that much improvements as I should, been very busy the past few months, but I guess now I am easily passing the 17 inch barrier on arms I bench press 220 pounds 8 reps on a bad day and now I can do shrugs with 400 pounds 8 reps, I tried dieting before marriage and went from 108kg to 102 in 3 weeks and I gained it all back after marriage! Cuz my wife makes the tastiest food ever, she should be a chef. haha just eating sweets all the time and all those cup cakes i had! so anyways its time for a serious cut 8 to 12 weeks need to take a break though my shoulders are cranky,

and inshaAllah my proposal for thesis is to be handed in very soon wa Allah al musta3aan.

I am a nerd, and i am proud. Peace out!

P.S red stuff my wife typed.