Friday, May 2, 2008


ever had an inappropriate dream of another blogger ?
that you shouldnt say but very tempted to do so...

even though there is absolutly no point in saying it..


went to the old magzanies place, to pick an issue of Flex ( bodybuilding stuff), turns they dont have any yet, they keep telling me come back later, which i i repeated doing several times. so i picked an issue of men's health,, its disgusting, its all about sex, living longer and making more money, typical kuffirstic tendancy. and has all this silly advice on how to have better relationships ..

one article was explaining to you, how you can become "dayooth" aka no honor and no shame and no protection over your women..

all the guys on the mag are sissy metrosexual small weasel fruit pant kiwis, and no wonder they are since a diet they recommended basically had no food. he3!

no more of that mag.


Creation said...


Nope, I had all the appropriate dreams about the other bloggers :P

LOOOL! @ small weasel fruit pant kiwis

Why don't you start composing your very own BodyBuilding Mag :P

sara said...

YOU ARE FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A fact for Friday :)

MASS said...


ahh,, well i only had one dream,

my own mag? and who would exactly read it? za bebols suck and they like sissy metrosexual fruit panted kiwied hairless weaseled "guys"

coz thats what is attractive these days.

MASS said...


Thanx A3 Lot he3he3
you is kind yourself