Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Days ahead to come..

DONE with a paper and a presentation alhamdullelah

I sooo,, kicked behind.

I was so confident and spoke like i owned the world alhamdullelah !
questions came up on me like punches and kicks only to be blocked as bones were broken.

think of a circle and a Wu Shu master in the middle with novice trying to get him :P
well not really.. most of the folks liked my paper. even though it was pretty assertive.

I was soo happy alhamdullelah!

even better !

After i went off to the library i saw a girl from summer 2006, we took a course together..
she was like.. eah dah ezayak!! MASS YOU CHANGED!.. i was like.. how ?
she s like well you... and then with her hands gestured that i got wider he3he3!
and said you became bigger..

SO im like.. yeah i went to the gym.. and flexed my biceps with a mini most muscular pose :S.. LOL. that sort of came natural lol.. and i havent slept much so make me excused :P

well back then i was like 76 kg maybe ???.. now am like 96ish maybe,, i need to check.. thats 20kg more he3 ..alhamdullelah..


Creation said...


Kristen Bjorg said...

I'm so happy for you,you must be so pleased that the presentation of your paper went over so well.

You weigh 211.2lb.Why would you want to be so huge?It is not attractive.Toned,all over and no flab is.

What kind of women catch your glance?

Do tell about about the girl from summer 2006.Would you,pretty please,I'd like to hear all about her.Did you guys have a confrontation with one another?

Please,excuse all the questions.I'm a very curious person,that's,one of the reasons,why,for a period of time,I considered being a newspaper journalist.Would you believe my beloved and hated hometown Reykjavik,has about 5 daily newspapers.We must be a curious bunch.

MASS said...


jazakum Allah khair, du3a karnay yar!.

thank youzz

Im not so HUGE, well to "normal people" am well built, but in the world of bodybuilding am tiny.. besides i think for my height am not big.. i dunno..

initially i wanted to be like 230 with no fat.. but now am thinking maybe my ultimte goal if thats possible 265 no fat!

women that catch my glance..

veiled women that are modest, in black dress (abaya/jilbab) and if they are young reverts.. but i look away either ways coz its not good to look..

I ve only met one Ice Landic person.. she was a woman whom converted to Islam and is married to an Egyptian dude.. her baby was soooo WHITE like its milk inriched or something

zaytuna said...

LOL! kicked bhind!! haha =P
Way to go Mass!!

Kristen Bjorg said...

If that baby was white,just think how white our baby would be,as I eat by- products of milk day and night,mostly yogurt and skim milk,as well,since I found out cheese is fattening,I want touch it with a ten foot pole.I've got to keep my girlish figure,for that special hunk.

MASS said...

huuh,, I doubt any woman would bear any milk inriched children from me.. impossible with my dark genes..

In Islam we get to marry 4 as a maximum however i can only afford to support one.

if i make meggae bucks, and yr wearing hijab then i ll save you a slot, and make you join the harem of the Arab Turbaned bearded Hunk.

but I dont think a european woman like your self would like an oppresive patriarchal masculine Arab towel head like myself,

Ninnevah said...

(kicked behind)

(milk enriched)

(harem of the Arab Turbaned bearded Hunk.)

(oppresive patriarchal masculine Arab towel head)

That all gave me a good laugh!!!