Thursday, May 15, 2008


As-salamu aleykum

ahhhh, Yesterday
after a 5 day layoff coz of studies and stuff i went back to the gym and BENCH PRESSED VERY HEAVY, well after my shoulder injur last year i always took it easy but i guess alhamdullelah i can start pilling up the plates on the bar bell. eh? well am not the cool yet! inshaAllah..

i did 3 reps of 85kg barbell... which sucked blaahhh well i never pushed myself to the "limit" for such a long time so inshaAllah i should go up to 105 in the next 6 months or so or maybe a year Allah al musta3an... so whatever my wife's weight is should be able to bench press her inshaAllah he3333e3e3e333.. i did crazy biceps curling then xtreeeem forearm pumping had a a protein shake which i have like one skoop left ! :(.. precious amreeki bro6een, inshaAllah to come again min kuwait soo.n.. shower, salat. back home doing working on essay ! tuna essay again cook some meat..

before i slept i ate A LOT of meat and some green stuff letus we kedda and a BIG spoon, more like a scoooop of peanutbutter, i woke up feeling verrry sick like a few hours later,, i was like really warm and.... my tummy messed up.. i slept again and didnt feel like eating even though i was starving.. so i ate like 5 o clock after sleeping again :S (no uni today) i slept like all day my head feels heavy aahhh and after i woke up seems like the fat in my chest has like been severly reduced! i can feel my chest pushing against my biceps when i stand.

I should have been working on my paaper :( but i just dont have the head to it,, maybe i can type a few paragraphs inshaAllah before i hit the sack again ! for tommorrow..


been watching some anime this time "yakitate" about this boy who is a baker, which is pretty good.

about many of these animes i love coz the theme of "never giving up" is always somehow inserted.. the characters always push themselves to acomplish things they value..

it may be tough, and painful to pursue things you dear but its even more painful to completley let go of them.. its less painful to try and fail than not to try out at all and forever be a failure. and as you keep trying, you will see the light at the end of the dark tunnel, and celebrate the joy after the hard work,,

it is true... no pain no gain !


sara said...

WAllahi ya MASS I believe in you khales! I really think you can get done with those papers & you can rule the world (in your own unique way).. InshaALlah you leaving this world won't be meaningles.. You'll leave something for the ummah, as you've always wanted to.. I'M SURE OF IT! Call me crazy, but I believe so!

You go with your he3 :D

Rabina yeyasarlak :)

MASS said...

Jazakum Allahu Khairan !

InshaAllah I will rule the world or least part of it !im even more crazy than you...

Allah al musta3aan.

Kristen Bjorg said...

To answer your question about how much your future wife weighs,I weigh between 113-115 lbs.

Do you think you can bench press me?

My brothers used to train by lifting me up,of course I am much older,now.But,you can continue where they left off,I'm used to it,by now.

MASS said...


of course i can bench press you, your weight is around the first set i bench press with.

but,, I would only bench press my wife since i dont even touch women (aka not even hand shakes)

Consider Islam as a religion and am sure i can find you one good loyal hubby lol!!!

Kristen Bjorg said...

Meaning you,Mass?

MASS said...

I would like to marry someone around my age.

Islam is a beautiful religion. and about 20 000 Americans convert to Islam each year..

I know of alot of women who fall in love with muslims and end up embracing Islam, sometimes being more practicing than the husband.

check the website out, if you have any questions I would be more than happy to try and answer.