Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Its Baady Beeilding Taaime

ahh,, one of the greatest blessings Allah has bestowed on me is being introduced to Body Building.. the amount of pleasure gained from feeling your muscles pumped is overwhelming.. and being sore right before you sleep as you stretch out and just forget you were awake in no time is very relaxing..SORNESS is GOOD becuase if you rest to recover as you eat properly (more protein) it means you GROW and GROWth is GOOD too.
alhamdullelah i ve been having my share of grow recently and im starting to look BIG again after a while of layoff, my calf muscles are growing alhamdullelah ! yet my naturally never had large calfs so i have to keep training them regularly.. but genetically i have wide shoulders and thus i can pack on lots of mass on my back chest and shoulders.. i guess my favorite body part is my lats (WINGS) sort of your armpit muscles only bodybuilders have large ones noother sports need them as much maybe rock climers but still they usually tend to be tiny people.
I ve been trying to normalize my bodybuilding in that i dont make a big deal about it and just pretend its not really there,, and sort of make it a life style,, it sort of seductive otherwise but its coming a long.. and am feeling some sort of cult vibes when you walk on the street and see another Alphas male with grouosme muscles you have positive vibes.. sort of like bearded bros or niqabi sisters.. thus am avoding mentioning anything on facebook on my bodybuilding endevours or posting my lastest back double biceps..he3he3
anyways the picture above is to Phil Heath one of my favorites ,,he only 28 (by bodybuilding standards thats great!) it takes years to pack on such mass,, inshaAllah i ll look something simillar in 2013.. you may be put off by his dense thickness but its not like if you pump a few times you ll look like that..
it takes a lot of training and EATING.. you are what you eat..
aaaaand before I go.. its always a good day to start pumping up !


Creation said...

He's not suffering from constipation, is he ?

MASS said...

not if he was having his greens.

james said...

Hey great stuff pal!!
I have been doing body building since 6 months.I hope this stuff also helps me out in building up my muscles.
Do supplements also harm our body?

MASS said...

supplements are ok so long as you take them in right proportions to your body weight.

work hard for your goals. if you dont have goals you should set some up!