Monday, May 5, 2008

fat shedding no clue

am trying to lose fat but i dont really know what am doing or how am exactly am suppose to eat
seems like am losing a lot more muscle than i should be!

i think i ll pause that and try to eat like normal,, whatever that means to me.

i ll stop passing by for a while till am done with the papers coz the due is getting closer

gives me the power of your du3a
with you du3as combined i am captian Mass.

in a few weeks inshaAllah.



sara said...

All the best Captain MASS..

Irfa' ras almuslim men ya Captain MASS..

And remember Captain MASS, there is no vessel worse to fill than one's tummy..

Take care ya Captain MASS..

MASS said...

ok enough with the "Captian" part

inshaAllah nerfa3 rass el muslimeen

actually I am a Baadie Beeelder
so that means the best vessel for to fill is my own tummy

its not like i eat delicious stuff like you "normal" folks. i eat stuff that makes me GROW muscles which may not be the best choice for your toungue or your throat for that matter !
not fun untill you flex it all out

you too take care.

pathwayofdevotion said...

May Allah subhanahu wata'ala make you successful. Ameen :)

sara said...

Okie Dokie then Cap..... ehm... MASS :D

Fill your vessel! & enjoy :)

I'm tired of taking care though, but I gotta.. *sigh*

All the best of you to you!

Anatoxin said...

try HIIT

Creation said...

May the Most Merciful accept your du3as, ameen.