Tuesday, May 20, 2008


ALHAMDULLELAH am almost done with a paper i just have to write the conclusion and fix the footnotes !!! my brains is sooo fried

am so frieeed.. i cant think no more..... and still i have another paper... ARRGHH BRING IT ON..

Allah al musta3an!

aaaand i havent worked out for a while now! i look more like an underwearmodel than a big bad MuscleHead.

inshaAllah i shall start doing that again soon..


zaytuna said...

You can do it Mass!!
Yallah get going you're nearly done!

MASS said...

I get the image of a reaaaly fat guy eating a huge cream pie for some pie eating contest.. and yr close by saying you can do it !

i dunno.. must be a freudian movie image in my brains from mid-teen days..

inshaAllah i will be done sooon.

Kristen Bjorg said...

Maybe you are pastoral material and I'll be a pastor's wife,even as dumb blond as I am,I can hack it.

Our only obstacle is,that our religions are different.They are a world apart.But,we'll solve that.

But,North Carolina?

I wanna live by the ocean,Mass.What about you?Are you a surfer dude?

MASS said...

pastoral material ? as in like clergy or like country side ?

I dont think our religions are worlds appart, Islam shares a lot with Chirstianity and Judaism

after all Muslims believe in the prophets of the Bible and the Torah.

If the world was at peace and our peoples were not suffering i would consider living by the ocean.

never surfed!
but am flaterd you asked.