Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Dream

Yup I had another dream, and I was having a political debate !

and i was taking about democracy and Shariah,, and about cultural idenitiy.
and I was talking to the Son of the Pharoah, not pharoah him self... in the past i ve had a dream where i talked to his wife.where i was very assertive. and as i mentioned before i beat him up in another dream back in 11th grade.. or was it 12th ? before I even had any idea about politics, Islam etc

whats cool,, is i woke after the dream remembering exactly what i said in the debate !

Im either seriously crazy..
Or am either going to do something insane
OR maybe something mind blowing Great.

been taking a break from news.. seems much more relaxing!

am going to start reading about steroids soon.. do as much reading as I can..
enough baby play.


zaytuna said...

What were you saying in the debate?InshAllah mind blowing great!

And steroids? not dangerous?

Kristen Bjorg said...

Can I ask you a question?Who is Shariah?

Pharoah's wife,at least it was not Photiphar's wife or you would be adding on to my persecution complex.

MASS said...


I was arguing for ta7keem shari3a.

steroids aka roids aka juice aka gym candy aka arnolds aka VERY DANGEROUS if you dont know what yr doing.

MASS said...


aaahhh Who? you mean What is Shariah..?

that is a BIG question

you see Islam is not only a relgion it is a way of life, and it perscripes and arranges all aspects of "life" so even there are social arrangments of how a society ought to fucntion but also in economics and politics..

Shariah literally means "water way" but means way of Islam, or "The Way" i.e way to Allah(God)

it is basically the way we fulfill Islam in this world,

Shariah has some objectives which ultimatly all aim to the spreading of good and aversion of evil.

and it also has certian laws which often are not rigid in the sense of european laws to fulfill such objectives of Shariah.

this is a very simplified and short answer.