Saturday, May 24, 2008


The U.S is gonna probably really suffer economically.. and if MacCain wins and continues cowaboy policies then its probably over.... thats why it was probably smart for him to say war would be "won" by 2013... well the war is a big LOSS and it is probably going to be a huge jump for Iran if the U.S does pull out... but either ways under the radar of western media... Al Maleki Iraq prime minister signed an agreement which allows the U.S to basically stay in Iraq for as much as it wants.......

if Obama wins.. then maybe we ll see "some shifts" i dont expect anything drastic.. still the power relations in america are intact and the democrats and republicans not very different... well thats an opinion.. and the other seem to think.. NO.. there will be major shifts...

the U.S is going through a classical recession.. I am not much of an economic expert.. but i dont think it will kick back anytime soon....Oil prices are going to whoop up too.. so its even tougher..

New Russian President (whatever his name is) just passed by China to meet the president there Hu Gun Tau ?... they condemed the U.S Missle sheild system and made some military agreements and Gas pipline deals and Oil too if am not mistaken

this pack is is basically the end of U.S Global hegemony....

with the economic suffering of U.S China will suffer too which gives Russia more room to grow.. however China is not going to let Russia grow too uch

basically what Russia and China are doing is objecting to the U.S world view and telling them to stay out of our back yard that is central Asia.... also to shape dealings with Iran and Kosovo.

India as made clear by its officials are not going to be played off by the U.S into going against China or Russia.. and also India is not going to comprimise any of the regional powers...

this is essentially India's reply to the American running candiate's advisors regarding "the democracy packt" which aims to divide the regional superpowers and maintain U.S hegemony.

Its interesting how things will be in the Middle East with all this in mind.. it is still early for china or russia to influence anything.. but definatly for now will give more leverage to Iran..

I think "Political Islam" is going to surge very strongly Turkey is also heading in an Islamic direction.... and smartly
they are cutting business deals with Israel. they also doing smaller things (but many of them) like banning smoking in public areas..

everyday things happen and the pace of political change is intense..
cant wait for more.............

bye bye USA.


MASS said...


well,, its what i study, I keep up with the news, always...

AND.. I would appreciate when you comment that you refrain from that sort of stuff.. thank you.

Kristen Bjorg said...

What are you studying?Don't tell me political science.

MASS said...

ok I wont..
it is what am studying.