Friday, May 30, 2008

No Pain, No Muscle Gain


finally alhamdullelah, I am DONE wiz za fRReakin paapaarrzz,, want to paatay yaa?

I just came back few hours ago from the GYM.. the worked out sucked so much,, i didnt feel the pumptensial, cant blame myself been off the gym for quite some time, but good alhamdullelah to feel the blood rush..

i was bouncing my pecs to the beat.. just for fun. in Cairo seems a lot of the guys into techno, which is a load of rubbish most of the time, not that i listen to it..

i can move one at a time, and move them completly independant from each other..

I need like 2 weeks to be back to normal and perhaps inshaAllah another week to be pushing my limits with comfort..

I guess being on a mushy heart is also bad for lifting just as its bad for anything, like good ole rocky or bruce lee. and also it makes you lose your appateite so you cant even eat...
I think i should watch some naruto...
and hajime no ippo.

and i hate to say this.. but i reaaallly miss my guitar.
I think inshaAllah i ll do that in janah. blaaaah.

rabi ighfir lee war7amni.
wa2anta 2ar7amu ara7imeeen.


sara said...

i love guitar :$ is it akeed haram? like akeeeeeed?

MASS said...

I really dont want to answer that...

its always something i struggle with every once in a while, but very rarely have i given up.. I was sort of appalled that cat stevens started playing again !!

but i later came to understand.

Kristen Bjorg said...

Man,that Cat was one of a few dudes I used to have a crush on.

You play the guitar?
You go easy on lifting weights,you be too big to be attractive.
And you need to eat more,Mass,why are you losing your appetite?Are you in love?That will do it,you know.

MASS said...

Yes, I use to play the guitar..and had a band and had girls scream the top of their lungs as i performed.

that was back in highschool and first year of university before i stopped.

its still very early for me to be "too big" am pretty tall so it takes forever for me to grow.

in love with someone i may have not met.

Veiled Muslimah said...



Okay, lol, I would stick to saying, wa allahu aalam, but the Ulema have said so and presented evidence from Quran and Sunnah. Although you can find an argument refuting it and i guess there is a difference of opinion on it, depends on what you want to follow i guess, i usually dont get into arguments about these things with people... ive experienced that its like of no use most of the time :S :-/ hehe

mabrook on being done with the papers! I cant wait.. i get done on the 12th insha'alla.

btw, err a post awaits your replies in the comments section of my blog. :p [10 beneficial reminders].

Kristen Bjorg said...

You've never met me,hehehe.

Man of Letters said...

Ah, music. Yes, I sometimes miss it too. I'm always singing songs from the past, and sometimes even looking up lyrics.

I think of it this way:
من استغجل الشيء قبل أوانه عوقب بحرمانه

So out of love for something, you'd rather be doing it forever instead of only for a few years, and then being forbidden from it forever!
Ah, I'm reminding myself more than you!