Sunday, May 18, 2008

Taking over the World and weird dreams

So remember the letus i mentioned in the post not before this one, but the one before that!. it wasnt washed !!!! and its EEEgept so thats like baaad.
im guessing thats why i got sick and threw up and nasty stuff.. but i guess its better than having my bros suffer..I got to eat the dirty shizzle first..


I remember aaages ago before I was into the deen before i had any political consious, before i reeeally cared about anything really.. I had this dreeeam and it felt good...

I was in watania mall (the one in kuwait) and beating shnooge out of ... well.. an Arab Bresident.. yes he s still alive unfortunatly and seems in good health.. I was judo flipping him on the floor and kicking him ,, and shouting at him.. I cant realy tell if its a ru2ya but i dont think it was..

in Watania Mall I use to go and play counterstrike that network first person shooting game,, I was known as Slayer, and I use to kick behind.. my favorite gun was the AK lol... and i always dominated the killer list thing with my friend ( the guy who asked me for ayat from the Quran, May Allah guide him)

i ve been having some weird funny dreams, I even had a dream about me going to a resturant where they had fried chicken and brock Lee (however you spell it ) spinish pie.. there was also this chubby woman and was almost seducing me,, for some reason.. well i didnt get to eat anything coz it was junk food and it was so high in calorie and low in macro nutrients lol am even on nutrition mode in my dreams.. somehow before all that there were security forces marching on the street to gather around a protest weird eh ?

,, up to a few years back i had everynow and then some dreams well ru2yas.. like hardcore pure ruyas that were no doubt from Allah pertaining this sister i fell in love with.. it was so tragic back then it was awful.. well ve been taking a bit lately ehm ehm.. and i dont feel consumed by those depressive feelings.. am so laxed out i think she s just going to give into the deeen..

Allah al musta3aaaan.


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omg... everytime i remember wat u commented on sara's blog today I LAUGH OUT LOUD...


2ENTA 7A2EE2Y???

zaytuna said...

InshAllah!! We'll be hearing great news soon :D

"ومن يتّق الله يجعل له مخرجا و يرزقه من حيث لا يحتسب و من يتوكل على الله فهو حسبه "
InshAllah all that is khair comes your way, ameen.

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