Friday, May 2, 2008

Testi Tuesday

I made a deal with the butcher close by that every week he shall save me two Bull testicles. i just had some a few days ago,, yummy

tuesday is the day he gets the fresh meat. so every tuesday is androgenic anabolic time
if thats the case, i tried finding their nutritional value online but no use.. i guess i ll just have to treat them as a supplement ?


you know how you sometimes feel emotionally indifferent like yr on the low, like a mini dose of heroin.
Yeah feel like that..

What sux is I busted my left tendon that connects me triceps to the elbow. I guess I was pounding too much after seeing some guys go heavy.. He333,, now I cant train triceps for two weeks. I hate my self..
And I think I also ripped some internal fibers near my left sholder blade just bending over to spit toothpaste in the sink after brushing my teeth!. I HATE MYSELF NOOOO

I guess I can expand my leg size biceps and see how I can squeeze em pecs without using triceps..oh well more cardio to lose the fat I have not been taking care of !


I think I ll start reading about steroids so by the time am 25 I know what am doing. I can already stick a needle in my butt am just that cool I know.

I hate myself, I should have not gone heavy,, I need to punish myself for this one
Any suggested punishments?

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