Thursday, January 13, 2011

dieting week1 ongoing sucess!

start day: January 8th @ 112kg currently 109kg.

so am back on the diet plan that was disturbed by my weird allergic reaction, managed to get my weights up again, and now am on a hardcore diet, no messing around.

day1: back
day2: rest
day3:chest + bi (optional)
day4: rest or biceps
day6:shoulders + traps + triceps
day7: rest

everyday first thing on the morning 30 min cardio followed by nonstop a variety of abb/lower back exercises- high reps.

200 grams carbs 300 grams protein some fat (dont count, by feel)

no suger what so ever, no salt what so ever, all salts I take come naturally from lemon or tomatoes (salt retains water fat!). carbs complex, mainly oatmeal and wholewheat bread, rice optional only after work out with weights,

day 7 cheat meal !!!!! up the carbs to maybe 400 grams I havent decided yet, I get to eat one big meal in the day, the rest the same I am not going to mess this up and just go to town on candy, the key is healthy carbs, not empty calories of junk food.

I am oxyelite pro diet pills take 2 on empty stomach and may take a third one 6/8 hours later.

try to keep all the protein from solid foods, except my post workout 2 scoops of protein powder.

I lost A LOT of water, still hanging on to my strength my arms are still over 17inchs alhamdullelah, lets see if I keep this up to 7 more weeks
I ll be down to 100kg at least inshaAllah!!!!! hopefully 98!

then i ll take a 4 day break and go on a bulking cycle for 4 weeks !!! it will be insane inshaAllah, then maybe i get on some juice aka gym candy aka gear aka roids lol haha!

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