Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The (Hilary) Clinton Doctrine

I came across an article on Aljazeera English that discusses a perception I share of American foreign policy. An article written by a professor of Anthropology in Concordia university.
(on side note, professors of anthropology- in general- have been independent from the state department and not supporters of neo-imperialism as professors of Political Sciences.)

A Policy that is cunning and hypocritical, nonetheless the Clinton doctrine basically:

"is a mixture of realism and opportunism and a desire to intervene without being seen to intervene. It is a low cost foreign policy"

"involves hedging US bets by keeping a foot in almost all camps, maintaining contact with different sectors in the society, emphasising "stability" when regime survival seems possible, and then emphasising "orderly transition" when change seems probable."

The professor - that I salute- ended it with:
"What kind of friend to Egyptians has the US been? How credible is its record of supporting democracy in Egypt? Does Obama believe the US will not be called to account?"

I was recently talking to an American friend of mine who is doing his Masters in International Relations in an Ivy League university in the states, and I must tell you Americans are delusional when it comes to their foreign policy. Claiming "we will have cordial relations with the new regime just as we did with the old one" . Oh really ?

They some how do not hold themselves responsible at all for the survival of the old regimes - despite lavish military,intelligence and economic support along with turning a blind eye on extreme human rights violations and absurd corruption. Then expect the victim -those who lived under those expired but supported regimes- to be equally cooperative with them and wave the American Flag as Hilary drops (or trips for that matter) by to say hi and behave.

what adds insult to injury is the recent visit of John McCain Tea Party home boy to Tunis to ensure military cooperation, never mind the U.S veto over condemning israeli settlements in occupied territory and Tea Party soccer mom shortly before that saying, that no one has the right to condemn israel building settlements on occupied land!

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