Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mubarak off to UAE

Rumors and predictions state that Mubarak went off to UAE.
especially that the foreign minister of UAE came to Cairo with a message from the Emir.

However the military has issued a statement after a meeting which did not include Mubarak. Which signaled a message for him to leave.

This is despite the just broadcasted statement by Mubarak.
I heard too from a friend that the airport was made empty for him, and that 5 cars of money were being loaded onto an airplane, which seemed like it was Mubarak leaving.

I think he almost landed in UAE now.
Saudi would not min taking him too
but UAE most likely.


Z said...

This is such a disgrace...

But why is he leaving Egypt if he's not stepping down?

MASS said...

I reply in a new post.

word is out Emir of UAE will be officially greet Mubarak in Abu dhabi

Z said...
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MASS said...

thanx for the note.

Z said...

You're welcome :)