Friday, February 4, 2011

Back From Tahrir

I just came back from Tahrir, I doubt the rumors I mentioned in the earlier post will have any chance.
I was afraid that numbers may decline, Nope! hundreds of thousands were there, and you have to pass through many civilian check points and a bunch of military ones. Seems pretty safe despite the thugs away from an entrance.

There are all kinds of people, all peaceful, and they all want mubarak to leave, otherwise they are staying in Tahrir.

I believe he will have no choice but to leave inshaAllah.


Z said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Egyptians. Hope you and your family are well, Mass.
Left you a message before but I'm not sure it went through.
I look forward to reading your reports of what happens.
Allah yen9erkom insha'Allah.
Take care.

MASS said...

Jazakum Allahu khairan.

alhamdullelah me and my family are all well.

Ameen to your duas, will try to write more little posts inshaAllah.

Anonymous said...

tres interessant, merci