Friday, February 18, 2011

Sleepless in Cairo

So inshaAllaah tomorrow another million person gathering and Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi will be giving the khuttba inshaAllah.

Partially why I haven't been writing here, is that I would rather write something meaningful and analytical, I have been freelancing for a bit. If you search for me ( for those of you who know my name) you might find stuff I wrote. well not as much as I would like, but inshaAllah very soon.

too much is going on that just makes me think and follow, and sleepless!
Tahrir was just amazing, no one argues, we all knew what we wanted, and our responses to any government propaganda were the same, our goals were the same, and we didnt back down.

outside tahrir it could be a bit different as there are some mixed reactions, some of the cowards give in, some have family ties to those with an interest in maintaining the system or just bunch of ******** who turn a blind eye on all the rubbish Mubarak has brought. of course most of them shut up after he left and started pretending to be our friends.

Egypt is going to change a lot inshaAllah in the coming few years, wanna invest, invest in Egypt.
wanna marry, marry and Egyptian :P wanna walk ? walk like an Egyptian.

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