Sunday, June 5, 2011

How much will you go ?


Alhamdullelah I know I am very fortunate, but I also know I have stuck to my ideals, and somehow, even though I can be a horrible Muslim at times, Allah has helped me out. I have never done anything to harm anyone, nor sugarcoat anything unworthy of praise. I have had a friend told me that,,, that I am living up to my ideals, and I have not worked at a single place that cannot accommodate that.

I have always been outspoken, and never backed down in a debate, even if it is very controversial or potentially standing up for the "bad guys".

My advice to you in general and specifically if you are going into media, politics, NGOs etc. is that dont work for scumbags, dont work for embassies. I was once naive enough to think that if you work for the American embassy you can really show them that "Islamists" are not terrorists, that we love freedom just as anyone else, that if they can see that shariah is not horrible and that Islam is a true message of justice, peace and mercy.

Yet you alone cannot change the work of institutions, you are just a lowering ranking employee that can change nothing in the bigger picture, sure you can show that Arabs and Muslims are just as human like anyone else but that doesnt save a rat's ass.

Do not call someone a terrorist if they are not, dont stand up for the oppressors and abide by all their discourses, sure Muslims wrong others too, but dont make that obscure the bigger picture, that the Ummah is oppressed.

unfortunately those willing to compromise so much, do not start with that, its first "small" things" such as not praying on time so that people dont know you practice Islam, or you shave your beard or not wear hijab at all, or you attend parties or gatherings with drinking and so on.

Key is, you have done something other than for the sake of Allah, you have dignified other than Allah, and you have chosen to enslave yourself to the pleasure of others aconcerning you.

in the end all of this doesnt matter, in the end it is if you stand to up to Allah - who needs you not- and to this Ummah, and to the weak and oppressed, that you can find peace in yourself, and the assistance of Allah, those who debate you can talk trash all they want, yet when you confront them, they will back down, if not- rarely the case- you still know where you stand and you aint moving.

It is sickining how much people change as a result of wishful thinking, that they can actually change something by working for oppressive institutions, or engaging in a conference which the info that comes out of ultimately leads to the undermining of the Ummah. In the end you are pathetic, you can never be one of them nor you are of the Ummah. You become a despicable uncle tom, sure they might laugh with you, but they know you are a piece of shi* for selling out your own people. The more you stay in it the more you will need a radical shift in lifestyle to cure your illness, and so as anything in life which is wong.

remember that you are the slave of Allah, and Allah accepts only those who are pure and do actions only for his sake. Yet there are others too in this world who stand for their ideals not necessarily Muslim, yet they are better than you, they stood for their ideals and stood up for what they saw as just, and you saw the truth and stood for falsehood. fear Allah and say nothing bu the truth......... how much will you go...?? make the right turn and stand for righteousness

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