Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cutting, You Mad Brah ?

Aiwa, so Alhamdullelah,

This week I weight at 108kg lost 1kg for the week and actually made some strength gains on the bench press, squat and other lifts which was surprsing given that am dieting, alhamdullelah it never went this good, I think now I know exactly what am doing, just need to keep it up and am gonna be shred like mad brah! you mad ? dont hate say, mashaAllah haha.

and I grew my arm 0.1 inch haha despicable. once I am down to 98kg inshaAllah I can bulk again, alhthough I wanna try to go even lower, this is all wishful thinking I should just be patient and see how it goes inshaAllah.

today I went to town on pasta and some kofta for my cheat meal. was awesome alhamdullelah!

thesis going good! this dieting is very time consuming, so I decided to cut myself off the world till am done, no more facebook and no more news .

Wa As-Salaaam.


Anonymous said...

Salaam Q8i...
How are you? Following the news about Egypt..hope you and your family are fine.

Take care bro!

MASS said...

Alhamdullelah ya

we are doing fine
thanks for the kind messaged.