Monday, April 18, 2011

They asked me how I built my Traps and I Shrugged


alhamdullelah, good stuff going on, good plans, projects, busy, busy, busy; no moe specifics on blog.

It seems sticking to your ideals, is not as easy as you do in university, but I cant see myself kissing butt or doing something I dont like, or working for a cause contradictory to mine. Good things are happening in Egypt, inshaAllah its going very well, and people like me will have a big say in what goes on and the track this country will take.

So I have been able to pull of 60kg dumbbells (132pounds) in each hand and shrugged them 8 reps.
Since I stopped the diet right before the revolution I ballooned, still fit in my "motivation jeans" though my wife got for me. So I guess I should start dieting again all the way.




Anonymous said...

I just started weight training and I can barely lift weights. Hopefully it shall build up inshaAllah.

Also, Mabrook on the marriage! :-) I remember your ideal-wife-posts back in the day on your blog.

MASS said...

mashaAllah, keep it up & up your protein.

Jazakum Allah khairan, I am truly blessed with a good family.