Friday, February 11, 2011

Confirmed Mubarak to be greeted in UAE; the hours before.

So what happened ?

Basically Mubarak had this speech recorded and it was going to be broadcasted on the night of the tenth.

There were arrangements however, that Mubarak might leave to UAE as the foreign minister came to Cairo and gave him a message from the Emir. This guaranteed Mubarak a safe stay somwhere, there were talks about going to Germany of course. UAE of course sought Saudi's approval.

While Mubarak was having all his options open, he knew he had to leave at some point, there were plenty of signals for this, in Alharam news paper and national TV as well as the new head of the "National Democratic Party" who said the best thing Mubarak can do is leave, which is an obvious turn against him. It was only a matter of time.

The Military however stepped in and carried out a meeting without Mubarak, recognizing the legitimacy of popular grievances and demands. Which is basically snatching authroity from Mubarak. They also said they will protect the country which is basically saying we run the country for now.

The statement the Military issued came after Mubarak's recorded message. Had the military not said anything Mubarak would still have been in Cairo, or least in Sharm al Shaikh, as there were talks about going to protest in front of the presidential palace. Thus the message came as it was, meaningless to what people want, all what he said was he is delegating his powers to Suliman the vice president.

Suliman later pops up in a very desperate speech almost begging Egyptians to go back having a "normal life"

Mubarak is now in UAE for sure or minutes away,

The military will intervene more and are probably carrying out a meeting as I type this.
They will announce that they do not recognize Mubarak due to the revolution that took his legitimacy and will lead a transitionary period,,, we yet have to see how this unfolds,

the options are still limited, I will wait for more info before forecasting.



the rumors about peculiar activities going on in airport and 5 cars of money only confirmed my expectations.


Z said...

Wow. This is certainly more promising than what he said in his speech!

Argh, I can't believe the UAE took him in...

Thanks for the update!

MASS said...

You're welcome,
still too early to decide,

here are the sources on UAE