Thursday, April 30, 2009

So am getting bigger Alhamdullelah

Salaaam aleykum

alhamdullelah things are going awsome for me!
papers are tough and what not but am used to it I guess

aaaand alhamdullelah I feel am getting more muscular but also more fatty or at least more blaoted, I think I should reduce my caloire restriction which I have been doing and go all out, I need to take my protein intake all out haha!

I was planning to grow my hair but am already getting sick of it even though its barely over 1 cm

alhamdullelah wa mashaAllah my back is getting wider, I feel like am waking with two cushions underneath my arms my legs are getting thicker, but I need to work out my neglected calfs that I never had the time to stimulate properly!

I started doing wide grip pull ups which I havent done for ages I use to do 15 ! I did 8

I just got out my closet some jeans that I had stopped wearing coz they were too big for me, well not they are kinda tight lol!

I cant find my meter but I think my arms are a bit abover 16.5 inchs possibily 17 inshaAllah!


on a different note
about a hadeeth I heard

(roughly translating)

Musa (Moses) peace and blessings be upon him asked Allah. Oh Allah teach me a supplication/prayer which by I can call upon you with. Allah says; ya Musa say Laa Ilaha Illa Allah. Musa; all of Your slaves say that (aka he wants something special to himself). Allah; ya Musa if the seven heavens and whats in them and the seven earths were on one side (of a balance) and Laa Illaha Illa Allah was one one side, then it would lean with Laa Illaha Illa Allah.


caraboska said...

Try doing calves in between sets for your quads, hamstrings, abductors and adductors. That way the thigh muscles rest, and you are doing something with that time.

MASS said...

hmm. usually am really tierd that I cant do anything else but rest.
inshaAllah i ll try sounds good!

you taken your Shahada yet?!