Sunday, April 12, 2009

So The Mass is Dieting

salaam aleykum
yup spring kicked in and am dieting
although I feel like my muscles are actually fuller and am generally pumped but thats after eating

today I did a highintensity shoulder/trap triceps work out I wasnt taking many rests I even went heaier than last time on traps sporting a 110kg (which I initially thought was 120) on traps 12 reps or was it 8 i forget. I couldnt press as last time but i guess I didnt warm out propely.
I then hopped on the ecliptic cardio machine and did 45 minutes, then some ab work which i almost never do.

I am on a 1.5 gram per pound diet and I initially decided 1gram of carbs for each pound but it seemed like a hell lot given that am carb sensitive and I feel full already at 0.65 I think I might keep it like that am suppose to be doing around 30% of my calories from healthy fats but I dunno how to measure that give that what I eat has some fat already, the fat is essential for hormones and other stuff I suppose.

so im eating 8 meals a day (or I am suppose to) I should be eating two more but I didnt get my sleep right so I am going to skip some protein today unfortunatly I have no whey powder.

my plan was to hit the weights 4 days a week do cardio everyday including after the weights and do 3 times a night 30 minutes cardio.. i think i might do cardio at night everyday. or at least more than 3 if i feel like it
am resting on fridays.

eating like that is waaay time consuming. thats why am doing it in the break I guess inshaAllah am going to start working my butt off seriously with my papers som maybe I can extend my diet beyond the two weeks.. if thats so am going to HAVE TO eat during my classes.. I wonder how my professors will take that.

yes I should also add that my only source of carbs so far is oats,, am not eating any suger or sweets if I loose 4 kg in that week i ll be happy but am expecting at least inshaAllah 2!

am thinking I ll break my diet with a double cheese burger from spectra and a tripple stuffing cheese cake from Benos!

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