Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blog World

So Im Still dieting didnt go quite as planned but am still doing it alhamdullelah
I have actually gained weight ! and lost fat and am lifting heavier. Im 107kg ! on the balance so perhaps without the cloths and shoes 106kg

I havent been checking out any blogs appart from UmmBlog. yup aka Mother of Blog.
seems am going off the radar among the previous folks who use to come here.

I still havent started any of the papers am suppose to start, I didnt do cardio today am so tierd!
am doing the maximum weight the cable rows machine has. I was quite surprised maashaAllah wa alhamdullelah that even when I was carb depleted I was lifting heavier!

I havent had any sweets for a while, doesnt seem like am going to stick exactly to it for as much as I wanted to although inshaAllah ill still try to eat clean and healthy.

am sleepy but I still need to eat aaahhhh

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