Friday, April 24, 2009

Rusty on the Poems

Thanx to Abs aka Travelling Stranger aka Man of Letters (did I miss anything out :P?)
I think I should try to write up some poems again, my old blog had a lot of em about many stuff, Islam, remembering the after life, love, politics, globalization, identity and what not.

so here are some thoughts.

we keep running from reality
we'll do anything to push off the pain, often provoking our vanity
we plump our ears with objects to veil our hearts from clarity
we constantly shift our moods with screens that alter our mentality
we take long walks, eat our fill, anything to avoid those thoughts, trapped in duality

dont bother me with why am here !.. to my mind it's brutality!

go on and live your life you wont face fatality!
and live your life in full !? in all its totality !?

but know one thing for sure ! with it behold your peace!
you can't run away...
run away reality...

1 comment:

Abs said...

Haha how'd I miss this post!

Nothing beats: "I am da sa la fee"! Classic!