Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ibn Abbaas may Allah be pleased with him said.

إن للحسنة ضياء في الوجه، ونور في القلب، وسعة في الرزق، وقوة في البدن، ومحبة في قلوب الخلق، وإن للسيئة سوءا في الوجه، وظلمة في القلب، ونقصا في الرزق، ووهنا في البدن، وبغضه في قلوب الخلق
verily to the good deed is a glow on the face, and light in the heart, and an increase in blessings (wealth), and strength in the body, and love in the hearts of people, and verily to the sin is badness in the face, and darkness in the heart and reduction in blessings (wealth) and weakness in the body and hate in the hearts of people.
(excuse my poor translation skills!)


UmmBlog said...


ونور في القلب x وظلمة في القلب

So, the opposite of Nur is Dhlum?

MASS said...

subhan Allah
dhulm is injustice!

dhulma is darkness from dhalaam which is also darkness dhulma is one darkness and dhulumaat is many darknesses.. if thats appropriate to say