Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ya Allah, to You I complain a sorrow in my heart
a weakness in my limbs
a pain in my insides

Oh Allah forgive me at a time of forget
Oh Allah forgive my weakness and from You i seek strength
Oh Allah You are The Most merciful, have mercy on your weak slave
Oh Allah You are more merciful on us than our own mothers, please forgive my sins

Oh Allah there is no lord but You, There is non all Able but You, and there is no One to turn to but You. all the doors have been closed but Your door is open, Oh Allah dont push me aside, for i can not bear being away from You. Oh Allah to you I complain my pain, Oh Allah to you I cry, Oh Allah to you I submitt and to Your will.

There is no god buy You, creator of the heavans and the earth, All Able, The Most Merciful, The Most Generous, there is nothing but good and wholesome that is from you, and all the evil is from me and shaytan. Oh Allah do not deprive me from the goof You provide with the evil i commit.

Oh Allah guide me and my loved ones to the best of actions and deeds
and make not the Hell our final abode,
Oh Allah give us the sweetness of faith, and the sweetness of being close to You.
Oh Allah shower us with faith and open our hearts to this faith

There is no god but You, exalted You are, I have been of those whom transgressed.
Glory to You, Exalted You are from all what they ascribe
peace be on the Messengers
and all Praise is to You Lord of all worlds

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Abs said...

May Allaah ease all your affairs, and your path to Him.