Sunday, July 20, 2008

My New Workout Jorunal


I messed up my sleep and when you mess up yr sleep you feel so slugish to go and pump the hell out of your brains.

So I decided to blog about it as am surfing news,, inshaAllah i ll go to the gym in a while..

I decided i ll take a mini notebook with me to write the weights and reps and rate the pump after each work out he3! as geeky and nerdy as it sounds but this way i can improve better inshaAllah so i can keep adding reps or weight, i only keep track of my major motions like bench press and deadlift. keeping journals is what some pros have done.

Today I got shoulders+ traps and triceps inshaAllah..

Off I go.

maybe inshaAllah one day I ll be bigger than that dude!


zaytuna said...

That Guy looks scary =S

MASS said...

The Guy Looks AWSOME!